December 30, 2013

Post-Holiday Repair

Holiday eating.  
Even staying 'technically' on plan meant loads of heavy S foods for me.  They were rich and satisfying, almost too rich and satisfying, and then there was that whole over-eating thing that  happened.  All in all, not a bad experience, but I still feel the need to detoxify and lighten up.

I've been having E meals the last few days, but you know I'm always up for a smoothie.
My kids call this the Toxic Smoothie, but I prefer to think of it as a De-Toxifying Smoothie.  You see, the fruits, herbs (and yes, they are herbs), and apple cider vinegar can help balance, rebuild and restore your body.
I could say a bit on each, but someone else has probably done that already and probably has done a much better job than I would anyhow, so I challenge you to research what each does and make choices based on this info.  Take note of how things work for you personally.  We are not all the same and what is good for me might not be the best choice for you.  This one works for me and I love the taste.
I will add that everyone in my house over the age of 2 thinks it is bitter and not quite right, but the fact that the baby will drink it makes me think that they are just slightly wimpy.

I have been enjoying this as a post-workout fuel and as an afternoon snack.  So often I personally find that if I overeat, I want to skip meals.  This totally throws off my metabolism and I need to make sure I'm getting all my meals and snacks.
It's simple in its ingredients, provides tons of vitamins and enzymes, and feels like a healthy winter-time drink to help ward off all the crud that can surface this time of year.

De-Toxifying Smoothie-FP

1 lemon, quartered (yes, that is peel, seeds, pith and all!)
3-5 strawberries (I use frozen)
1/4 cup frozen or fresh cranberries
2 cups water
1 tsp ginger
1 tsp turmeric
1/8-1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
dash or 2 of sea salt
stevia to taste
1/2-1 scoop protein powder

Add everything except the protein powder to a blender (I use a Blendtec, whole juice setting) and blend till liquified.  Add protein powder and pulse a few times to froth.

This post is shared for Trim Healthy Tuesday at Gwen's Nest.


Sheila DelCharco said...

This sounds great. I'll take your word for the "good for you part" -- no research required. I think I'll have if first thing in the morning! I just happen to have a bag of cranberries in the fridge, lemons in my bowl and all the other ingredients in my pantry! Thanks for sharing!

Heather McClees said...

This is a great recipe ! So simple too. I find sometimes we all need a little "toxic reduction" !:) Happy New Year!

Joyfulmomof6 said...

You are a brave woman to be able to drink this with the lemon peel, LOL!
Seriously, I love it, but my tastebuds can't handle the bitterness of the lemon peel, so next time I'll peel the lemon first. :)
I love that it has the turmeric, ginger and cayenne as well.
Happy New Year!

JoyfulJessica said...

This is really delicious! I just made up a batch and plan to use it to toast the new year at midnight!

Hannah Avery said...

This sounds really delicious. Its almost how I make my Good Girl Moonshine, and I was thinking about making it with cranberries. I'm not sure If I would like the tumeric, but all the rest sounds amazing. Definitely planning to try this!


Teresa Culp said...

I just made it and it was very good. I really enjoyed the lemon and cranberry fusion!! I added 2 tbsp. of truvia. This made about 24 oz therefore I split it in half and then added 1 scoop of protein powder to it and the other half is waiting in the fridge for another day.

Teresa Culp said...

I just made it and it was very good. I really enjoyed the lemon and cranberry fusion!! I added 2 tbsp. of truvia. This made about 24 oz therefore I split it in half and then added 1 scoop of protein powder to it and the other half is waiting in the fridge for another day.

Anonymous said...

I'm more of a lime fan....would that work or maybe half and half?

See the Blue Sky said...

You can always add anything you like. Limes are great, but half and half would take it to the S range and there is always a possibility of the dairy curdling with all the acid in the citrus. I'd probably not do it personally.

Melinda said...

kimi@SeetheBlueSky....I think Anonymous meant half lemon and half lime...not half and half cream! lol!!

Anonymous said...

Did the person mean half limes and half lemons or half and half milk?

See the Blue Sky said...

You guys are probably right on the half lemon, half limes. In the world of THM, half and half is a dietary staple for me and my mind was in a different place... ha!

Yes, half lemon and half lime is tasty. I also have added the True Lime packets but find it doesn't go as well witht he turmeric and ginger?
I have used 1/4 of a grapefruit too, but that can take it to E territory quickly so just be aware.

Stephanie said...

Hi, bit of an odd comment, but I saw you use the Blendtec. I am close to making a purchase and was wondering what you thought of your Btec. DO you LOVE it? There is one at Sam's Club that I am hoping to buy for $399.00, which is a crazy amount of money to me to spend on an appliance.
Would you be able to give me your opinion on this one? Thank you so much.

See the Blue Sky said...

I agree that it is a lot to spend on a blender, BUT I have found it to be worth it for our family.
I got mine from qvc for the same as the Costco/Sams price and I haven't found any better prices anywhere.
I had a ninja for a few years and we were making smoothies daily and using it for many things other than that. I felt the ninja was a pretty big price but it was a nice transitional purchase for us to see how much we'd use it.
And I did pick the Blendtec over the Vitamix for a few reasons. I think the vitamix is a great machine, but it was more expensive to get the larger container. The b'tec wildside jar is huge and the twister jar is great for the smaller, thicker blending.
There is no tamper, and no need for a tamper.
I also like that it can fit under my cabinet.
I will say that I thought my smoothies were smooth with the ninja, but there is really no comparison with it and the B'tec. The blendtec makes a lovely smoothie and it is so much easier to clean.
Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Would this be safe while pregnant? I just found out that I'm 7 weeks along and this is my first pregnancy. So, I'm not yet sure of all the "dos and don'ts". TIA!

See the Blue Sky said...

Congrats on the new baby!
Everything here should be fine for pregnancy. The turmeric is the only potential concern but is widely consumed in pregnancy in many parts of the world. It can have a blood-thinning effect and you might want to avoid daily use, but occasional use would be fine.

AShipe said...

Could I peel and de-seed my lemon and get the same benefit? I have a $30 blender and I am not sure what the peel and seeds would turn into.

See the Blue Sky said...

AShipe.... that is the cool thing about smoothies... do as you like and what you think you'd enjoy. If the seeds/peel keep you from enjoying it then you won't have it as often and won't get the benefits from the other aspects.
Yes, there are benefits to having the seeds and peel, but there is also benefit in just having the inner parts.
Also.... don't discount a $30 blender. Some of them have quite a bit of power.

Anonymous said...

I live in a country where cranberries and lemons cannot be found. Is there anything else that can be substituted for the cranberries? I have a lime tree in my yard, so that's not a problem. (I think the cranberries/lime combination would be wonderful.)

See the Blue Sky said...

Cranberries and lime sounds amazing! Lime and cucumber might be another good choice with some greens like nettles or parsley as well!