July 17, 2013

Elderberry Elixer

There are few areas where you find experts in a field, that you don't also find larger than life egos.  One place I that I think that is the exception is the herbal community.
There are people who are so knowledgeable, yet they don't have pretenses that they know it all or that their way is the only one.  They seem to have a respect for different points of view that modern medicine is seriously lacking.

I almost went off on the growing divide between the medical establishment and the herbal community, but there's no real need.  As someone who was in medicine, I actually prefer the view from the herbal side at this point in my life.   
What I love the most about the herbal community is the fact that so many practicing herbalists are giving and have a real desire to see health and healing.  But they are open to the definition of what healing can be.

Herbalists offer an alternative approach that often puts the burden of discovery partially upon the person seeking healing.  
I love the fact that in her book,  New Menopausal Years : The Wise Woman Way, Alternative Approaches for Women 30-90 , Susun Weed has a potential first step of action is to do nothing, if that is your choice.  She gets that just because things aren't perfect, doesn't mean it requires repair.  I think that doctors feel pressure to 'do something' when you go to them, and I know that many patients feel cheated if they don't get a pill or a MRI with each visit.
But to do nothing is sometimes good.

I also feel respected as a person by most herbalists.  I don't feel talked down to or belittled for my point of view or lack of skills.  I feel encouraged and empowered by them.  I might not be given the simple answer, but I will be directed so that I can learn and grow.  They often see life more as a process, not as just the black or white, that there aren't limited choices.

What I often find the most surprising is that most herbalist are so open to sharing what they have learned.  There's not a lot of secrecy regarding remedies and even if they have items for sale that they have written, very often they will put it online for you to freely use.  I have a lot of respect for people who are just wanting to help, educate and heal.
Elderberries combined with elder flowers and honey 

That is also why I do try to buy as many books and publications that I can from those herbalists who I've learned so much from.  I think that what you put into the world is very important, and it's important to remember to be giving.

So today I'm wanting to share a wonderful site that has a ton of articles to stimulate your mind.

With all of our rain in Georgia, my elderberries are ripe and ready to pick.  I got almost a quart of them yesterday and decided to try Kiva Rose's recipe for Elder Mother Immune Elixer.
She has a great site and also offers a subscription to Plant Healer Magazine with a free trial issue also available for download.

Sitting in a cool, shady place to steep.
I've used her recipe for my elderberries.  You can see the elder flowers I harvested a few months ago floating in there as well.  I used some local, raw honey to top and a clear rum in place of brandy.
Now I just have to wait a month or so to use.

Please check out Kiva Rose's website for the specifics, and enjoy looking through the wealth of knowledge and information that she has to share.

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