January 30, 2017

Getting out of the menu rut with THM

Getting in a rut with menu planning is always a challenge for me.  Yes, I like and appreciate the comforts of some foods, but it just kills my soul to have the same foods day after day.
This is part of the reason I read cookbooks regularly... not just things that are Trim Healthy Mama approved, but things that I might be able to transform to THM.
Yes, there are some things that I consider weekly staples and will plan for just because I know they are quick and easy... mainly variations of the Loaded Fotato Soup are just too easy, healthy and tasty this time of year to not enjoy.
Kimi's Quick Cole Slaw
And even though I often have lofty aspirations, my final menu usually ends up fairly normal.  It's really about rotating proteins and ingredients, but shopping sales at stores can sometimes limit this.

I've also added some recipes with Baking Blend.  I'm actually out at this time but I have been using this recipe for Low Carb Baking Mix from Little Lambs with success.
Got chicken?
I bought a few packs and made Bangin' Ranch
Drum (and thighs) along with using
the sauce from Spicy Chicken Wings
Many of these recipes are found on the THM Membership site (I have links for others).  I tend to love the Menu Builder for just this reason.  I can put in what meal, type of meal and style of food and see a bunch of options to choose from.  You may also search by ingredient and then tag the recipes you like the best.
It is still on sale for a few more days if you want to try it out.  
I'm still working at getting back to my goal range, only 2 pounds away today!
This is my plan for the week

I personally enjoy drinks like Good Girl Moonshine and the Winter Wonderland Sip throughout the day.  I listed the Trimmy Lite on day 1, but it is a morning staple.
Day 1
B-  Hardboiled eggs and berries with Trimmy Lite (S)
L-  Meat loaf with cauliflower mash and broccoli salad (S)
S-  Popcorn (E)
D-  Greek salad with Potsticker Patties (S) Cookbook/Membership site

Day 2
B-  Cinnamon Bun Cake (S) 
L-  Sandwich with 2 slices Ezekiel bread, lean cold cuts and veggies.  Apple on the side (E)
S-  2 Wasa with Laughing cow wedge (FP)
D-  Bangin' Ranch chicken, cole slaw and side salad (S) Cookbook

Day 3
B-  Raspberry Scones (S)
L-  Loaded Fotato Soup (FP)
S-  Spiced Apple Cake (E) Membership site
D- Rainbow Kai Si Ming (S) Cookbook

Day 4
Faux-Carb Alfredo Sauce-s
B-  Eggs and Bacon (S)
L- Chili Relleno Casserole (S) Original book/membership site
S-  Almond Raspberry Breakfast Swirl (FP)
D-  Spaghetti squash with Faux Carb Alfredo and veggies (S)

Day 5
B-  Trim Healthy Pancakes (E)
L-  Cheesy Dream Soup (FP) Cookbook
S-  Peanutty Fudge (S) Cookbook
D- Pearl's Chili (S) Original book/Membership site

Day 6
B-  Sausage Balls (S) Cookbook
L-  Chana Dal Soup (E) Recipes in books, but I just cook it in chicken stock and spices
S-  Cottage Berry Whip (FP)
D-  Pizza on sourdough crust with lean meats, veggies and part-skim mozzarella (E)

Day 7
B-  Oatmeal (E)
L-  Chef Salad (S) Go crazy with S ingredients on the salad bar!
S-  Shake Gone Nuts (FP) Cookbook
D-  Lazy Lasagna (S)  Cookbook


the momma said...

do you find the sippers to be essential? or you just enjoy them? I am a water girl. I've tried GGMS a time or two and the sipper made w oolong (name escapes me at the moment) and I'm just not a fan. I guess I assume these are more for people trying to give up *other* beverages who think they hate water.... but sometimes I wonder if my lack of THM success is because I don't drink the sippers (along with also being scared of E meals)

See the Blue Sky said...

No, they are not essential at all. In fact, as I lost initially, they didn't exist on THM. I didn't have any of them until I'd been at goal for quite a while.
I am a former diet pepsi addict so they do give me something other than water to drink as I miss the tang of soda.
I have always been a fan of tea and herbs so oolong has been something I've enjoyed since the 1980a actually.