January 1, 2017

Continued success.. a menu

I spent the last week getting back to basics on Trim, Healthy Mama with this menu.  I've been feeling more energized
and looking to the next week.  After all, success takes planning and preparation.
I've been working a bunch since we've been off homeschool the last few weeks and I have one more week left.  Add in play time with my little guy and I really am not feeling inspired to spend a ton of time in the kitchen.
I've always felt that THM is a lifestyle that promotes health and keeps me able to do all that I need to do in life.  Yes, it is wonderful to be free of all the weight I've lost (starting in November 2012 with 45 pounds over 9 months and maintained since then, mostly until the last few weeks) but this mainly allows me to be able to move and do more each day.  That is the real JOY of THM.

But as I posted last week... I've been cheating myself here and there for the last few weeks, and had put on 10 pounds.  I'm down 2 pounds from last week and feeling better.  Yes, I've had some 10-12 hour days at work and have been so busy and stressed.  

 So this is my plan for this week filled with more busy, long days and work.
I love the THM Membership site and am using many recipes featured there.  I've been a member since it opened and have been so happy with all the new recipes, videos and hints as well as all of the Original book's recipes and ingredients from the Cookbook.  The menu builder is a great help and allows you to customize and prints a shopping list based on your menu down to the serving sizes.  The Menu Builder is great when you're not sure what you want but know a certain ingredient or meal type that you want to utilize.

I like sharing a good thing and the MEMBERSHIP is currently on SALE!  Google THM Membership  for more info.
Most recipes from my blog here are also on the website so that you may use the Menu Builder or grocery list function as well. 

Also... I realize looking at this menu that there seems to be lots of cake for breakfast.  I find it goes well with coffee and helps to inspire the rest of my day!

Getting back on plan/ Week 2

B-  Hash and eggs (S)  Membership site
S-  Almond Raspberry Breakfast Swirl  (FP)  Original book/Membership site
D-  Buffalo Chicken Casserole (S)  Membership site
B- Anabolic Oatmeal  (E)  Original book/Membership site
L-  Golden Chana Soup (E) Cookbook/Membership site
S- Popcorn (E)
D-  Burrito Bowls (E) Membership site

B-  Berrytastic Smoothie (S)  Membership site
L-   Spanish Rice Quinoa  with side salad (E)

B-  Baked Blueberry Oatmeal (E)  Membership site
L-  Mozzarella and Turkey Toast with side salad (E)  Original book/Membership site
D-  Blackened Chicken with Mango and Black Beans (E) Cookbook/Membership site

B-  Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Cake  (E) Membership site
S-  Anti-inflammatory Smoothie  (FP)  Membership site -OR- Detoxifying Smoothie (FP)
D- Alfredo Beef and Broccoli (S)  Original book/Membership site
B-  Eggs and Bacon (S)
S-  Big Boy Smoothie (FP)  Original book/Membership site
D-  Egg Roll in a Bowl (S)  Cookbook/Membership site

B-  Cinnamon Special Agent Cake (S) Membership site
L-  Cranberry Pecan Salmon Salad (S) Membership site
D-  Burgers with cheese, sauteed cabbage and roasted sweet potatoes (crossover)


Rebekah Lamb said...

I love the membership! Just looked through last night for some new recipes to try! 😀

the momma said...

Hmmmm ~ I have never given the membership a consideration (because I hate spending money. and I worry about how much time will it suck up. and I often don't get around to trying the new recipes I intend to, so it seems like it's be wasteful) but gosh, you've got me mulling it over...

I assume that your family eats what you eat, for the most part? and you just offer a carb option with your S meals for them? and fats with Es?? Also - it looks like you primarily group your E meals together, is that where weight loss seems to happen for you (rather than say, having 1 E every day) or is that just how it happened (I'm thinking there was more thought behind it than that ;-)

the momma said...

p.s. thanks for sharing! :-)
~ Tracy

See the Blue Sky said...

I get the not spending money part. I'm fairly cheap, but for the price you might want to consider it and see how much it helps. I find that I use the menu builder for ideas. My grocery list is down to a science so that I can get in and out quickly and I am so OCD and visual that I need to write it out.
I think that if you are needing new ideas for meals and general motivation/inspiration, it is great. Otherwise there are so many great recipes in the books alone that I wouldn't worry about it. I personally like how Serene and Pearl eat and their menus as it is pretty similar to mine. THat might help as well.

My family does eat what I eat (except the 4 year old sometimes bails on me). I do exactly as you said and add carbs and fats to round out meals. My 14 yr old son needs to gain a lot so I will often add regular pasta for him.

I also started out doing single fuel days and if I'm really wanting to slam the pounds off then that is usually what I return to. I find that it works well for me at optimizing losses. I also like to get into a mindset that the next several hours/day will be one fuel type. It is just easier for me to think that 'today is an E' and stick to it rather than switching things out all the time.
When I'm in my comfortable range of weight, I will not even think about it honestly. I just eat what I know to be on plan and don't worry about s-helper/crossovers or any of that.