January 9, 2017

A week of THM..... Family style!

Most of us on Trim, Healthy Mama (THM) don't live in a bubble where we just make single serve meals for only ourselves while having a perfectly stocked pantry of every possible ingredient with a limitless budget.
Many of us are busy Mama's who are juggling jobs, homeschool, kids of various ages, husbands and budgets.
I'm right there with you.
I'm a wife and mother of three kids who range from college to preschool.  I homeschool as well as work as a RN outside the home.  My family has a background that tends towards natural, purist-y eating, and this means that I tend to cook most of our meals.

Making a meal plan means that I need to look at what we are ALL going to eat.  I don't get stressed with rounding out meals, but have to make sure that I plan on giving my growing kids more.

As someone who has lived on THM at goal weight for the last several years, one of the issues is making a THM meal for me and rounding it out for my family without me going overboard.  While my family can enjoy crossovers regularly, and even eat off-plan, I can't let myself fall into the trap of continuous crossovers or with having off-plan foods even at goal.
After all, a little soon becomes a little more and then even more.... at least for me.

My boys with Trim, Healthy Pancakes covered in honey
and some freshly whipped cream.  Big guy gets
some coffee with half and half.
One thing I look at with menu planning for my family is content of food.  I don't want them to eat poorly, but to have well rounded meals.  This is yet ANOTHER reason to really focus on getting in non-starchies with each meal and snack.  I don't want to just fill them up with carbs and fats, but make sure that health is a huge part of our habits.  To me, this means getting in non-starchies.

This is obviously a 5 day schedule, but I think you get the idea.  My kids are all pretty thin, active and have no health issues so I do opt for rounding out meals in this way for them.
Hope you find something that is a help or inspiration for this week!

B-  Trim Healthy Pancakes (E) with berries (OK, I forgot the berries so mine were plain) Add whipped cream with stevia and honey as a family option.
L-  Kai Si Ming (S) add ramen for family option.  (I use store bought ramen, throw out the flavor pack and make my own soup base with homemade chicken stock, spices and gelatin).
S-  Popcorn (E)  cook in coconut oil, for family feel free to add S-style limits when cooking
D- Salmon patties with peas and roasted sweet potatoes (CO).  Feel free to add regular potatoes for kids.

B-  Eggs and hash (S)  add 2 slices of sprouted bread with butter and honey for family
L-  Cheeseburger Pie with side salad (S) add side of potatoes or brown rice for family
S-  Cheesecake berry crunch (S) no need to add to this great snack!
D-  Curry with rice (E)  top with plain full fat Greek yogurt (S) for family

B-  Anabolic oatmeal (E) add butter
L-   Broccoli chicken casserole (S) add 2 slices of sprouted bread for family
S-  Apple with 1 tsp peanut butter (E) for family let them smear on peanut butter or add some cheese
D-  Beef stir fry with veggies (S)  add rice for a crossover

Briana's Berry taco with Winter
Wonderland Sip
B-  Creamy quinoa (s-helper) add butter or coconut oil for family to make crossover
L-  Chicken salad on joseph's pita with broccoli salad (S)  use sprouted bread instead of pita and add a piece of fruit for family
S-   Briana's Berry Taco (S) use whole wheat or sprouted tortilla for family
D-  Burger with cabbage (S) add roasted potatoes or sweet potatoes for family

B-    Baked blueberry oatmeal (E) with whipped cream (stevia sweetened) for family
L-  Clam chowder (S) family gets a side of sprouted bread or make 2 batches of soup, one with radishes and one with potatoes
S-  Pink smoothie (E) after making, pour mine into glass and add bananas and some coconut cream for family
D-  Mediterranean Chicken Stew (S) add some brown rice for family

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