January 31, 2017


I've had a hard time with exercise the last 2 years.  As I've gotten older I find that injury and weakness are also increasing.  Because of this, I find that I can no longer push myself as I had in the past.
But I've discovered in training that sometimes going slower and keeping things easy are what make you stronger.

He has told you, O man, what is good, and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6:8
I often feel my expectations are harder than what God puts on me.  I push and push while God just wants me to walk.
He doesn't say sit or dwell.
It doe
sn't say run.
He says walk.
This is the way, walk in it.
Jeremiah 30:21

Thus says the Lord: Stand by the roads and look and ask for the ancient paths where the good way is, and walk in it and find rest for your souls.  
Jeremiah 6:16

I often feel so stressed by all the things I feel I should be doing, but God isn't telling me to work harder.  He is saying that there is action on my part, but that maybe sometimes I overthink and over-react. 
When all I need to do is just walk.

January 30, 2017

Getting out of the menu rut with THM

Getting in a rut with menu planning is always a challenge for me.  Yes, I like and appreciate the comforts of some foods, but it just kills my soul to have the same foods day after day.
This is part of the reason I read cookbooks regularly... not just things that are Trim Healthy Mama approved, but things that I might be able to transform to THM.
Yes, there are some things that I consider weekly staples and will plan for just because I know they are quick and easy... mainly variations of the Loaded Fotato Soup are just too easy, healthy and tasty this time of year to not enjoy.
Kimi's Quick Cole Slaw
And even though I often have lofty aspirations, my final menu usually ends up fairly normal.  It's really about rotating proteins and ingredients, but shopping sales at stores can sometimes limit this.

I've also added some recipes with Baking Blend.  I'm actually out at this time but I have been using this recipe for Low Carb Baking Mix from Little Lambs with success.
Got chicken?
I bought a few packs and made Bangin' Ranch
Drum (and thighs) along with using
the sauce from Spicy Chicken Wings
Many of these recipes are found on the THM Membership site (I have links for others).  I tend to love the Menu Builder for just this reason.  I can put in what meal, type of meal and style of food and see a bunch of options to choose from.  You may also search by ingredient and then tag the recipes you like the best.
It is still on sale for a few more days if you want to try it out.  
I'm still working at getting back to my goal range, only 2 pounds away today!
This is my plan for the week

I personally enjoy drinks like Good Girl Moonshine and the Winter Wonderland Sip throughout the day.  I listed the Trimmy Lite on day 1, but it is a morning staple.
Day 1
B-  Hardboiled eggs and berries with Trimmy Lite (S)
L-  Meat loaf with cauliflower mash and broccoli salad (S)
S-  Popcorn (E)
D-  Greek salad with Potsticker Patties (S) Cookbook/Membership site

Day 2
B-  Cinnamon Bun Cake (S) 
L-  Sandwich with 2 slices Ezekiel bread, lean cold cuts and veggies.  Apple on the side (E)
S-  2 Wasa with Laughing cow wedge (FP)
D-  Bangin' Ranch chicken, cole slaw and side salad (S) Cookbook

Day 3
B-  Raspberry Scones (S)
L-  Loaded Fotato Soup (FP)
S-  Spiced Apple Cake (E) Membership site
D- Rainbow Kai Si Ming (S) Cookbook

Day 4
Faux-Carb Alfredo Sauce-s
B-  Eggs and Bacon (S)
L- Chili Relleno Casserole (S) Original book/membership site
S-  Almond Raspberry Breakfast Swirl (FP)
D-  Spaghetti squash with Faux Carb Alfredo and veggies (S)

Day 5
B-  Trim Healthy Pancakes (E)
L-  Cheesy Dream Soup (FP) Cookbook
S-  Peanutty Fudge (S) Cookbook
D- Pearl's Chili (S) Original book/Membership site

Day 6
B-  Sausage Balls (S) Cookbook
L-  Chana Dal Soup (E) Recipes in books, but I just cook it in chicken stock and spices
S-  Cottage Berry Whip (FP)
D-  Pizza on sourdough crust with lean meats, veggies and part-skim mozzarella (E)

Day 7
B-  Oatmeal (E)
L-  Chef Salad (S) Go crazy with S ingredients on the salad bar!
S-  Shake Gone Nuts (FP) Cookbook
D-  Lazy Lasagna (S)  Cookbook

January 24, 2017

Kimi's Simple Cole Slaw

I love all things cabbage.  Seriously.  It's cheap and amazingly healthy and also pretty easy to prepare as well.  You can get as intensive as you like with culturing to make things like sauerkraut or kimchi or just take it easy and saute it in a pan of butter.  You can steam it or use it as a wrap.
But one of my all time favorites is just to make a slaw.
Cole slaw is a great side dish or  even topping for BBQ or chili dogs.
This is the recipe I've used for the last few decades with a few tweaks to make it THM-worthy (Trim, Healthy Mama) as an S recipe.
Also... like most things in life, there are no absolute directions here.  I am including rough amounts, but they will always vary depending on your own tastes.

Kimi's Simple Cole Slaw- S
1 small, or half a large, head of cabbage
1/2 sweet onion, finely sliced (a regular white or yellow onion is fine)
1 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup Dijon mustard
2-4 T apple cider (or white) vinegar
1-2 doonks pure stevia
1 Tbsp poppy seeds

Cut the cabbage into very fine strips or shreds, the finer the better.
In a bowl, mix in the onion and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
In a separate bowl or cup, mix together the mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, stevia and poppy seeds till blended well.
Pour dressing over the cabbage/onion and mix together till coated.
Allow to chill for a few hours before serving.

January 11, 2017

It's really about the story

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."
Marcel Proust

Over the past year, I have re-discovered my love of reading.
I grew up as a reader, but as I grew older, I had the issues of time and focus.  I also have always found that I become very immersed in stories so I would allow a once a year splurge that would usually involve a three day marathon with several hundred pages with everything else in life taking a back seat.  This is fine when you're a childless twenty-something, but not always a good thing as priorities and needs shift.

Realizing that this reading style wasn't sustainable for my life, I'd limit my reading to one book every year or so.
But I found as life changed, stress or big events seemed to be defined and remembered by my reading.  I turned to books for therapy when I had major life changes or events, and now think of the book that went with that time and how it helped or supported me.  

Last year I discovered that I have time to read.  I always had the time actually, but it just was hard to see from certain perspectives.  The time was subtle and always there.  It was about changing how I viewed reading and using my time.

Sometimes it is just as simple as recognizing what was always there....

In a recent read, I've been looking at the life of St. Francis of Assisi.  One thing that I learned was that my God time shouldn't be a marathon either.  It shouldn't be on or off, or black or white, a valley or a mountain. 
It should just be.

I remember falling in love with the stories I heard in the Bible as a child.  Doctrine didn't draw me to God.  What made sense was the stories.
I spent a lot of time with my grandparents growing up.   They taught me so much including how to read and love books and stories, but more importantly,  they made time to tell me stories and play games.  I don't recall them ever telling me that they didn't have time.
In these stories I saw protection and promise.  I saw God's caring and constancy.  It was made real thru these people who cared for me.

God's word isn't made of doctrinal rules, but shows the struggles and real lives of His people.  People like me.
I learned from my Grandparents that the stories were just as much a part of God as they were.

I love logic and that God has provided structure in our world, but I have been missing the part as an adult that God is a creator and artist.  He is telling his story, not just his laws or rules, in the Bible and with his people.  
I have been trying for most of my life to put God into the same pattern I had in reading.  Worship and study was either off or on.
I was in the habit of  trying to fit God into my life instead of seeing how I fit into his plan.  I was failing to see that God wasn't a splurge, but everywhere and in all things.

I'm seeing that the story and taking time to learn it as well as live it are what my life should be about.

What I've realized is that study and worship don't have to be big.  They don't always require going to a building with a minister or leader or following a certain schedule.  Sometimes worship means being aware of God's presence within our world.
It's recognizing his art in nature.
We just have to see it.

It makes me aware that God has given me a story as well to tell with my life, and that I need to be more open to listening to the stories of others.
Most days I still don't know what my story is, but I'm learning that often it is just about showing up and being aware of life and those around me.  I'm finding that so much of my life is filled with those who just want me to be there and be present with them.
And maybe I just need to start with learning to tell the stories I already know with the passion and love that they were told to me so that the children whose lives I'm blessed to be in will learn to love them and hold them in their hearts just as I did.

January 9, 2017

A week of THM..... Family style!

Most of us on Trim, Healthy Mama (THM) don't live in a bubble where we just make single serve meals for only ourselves while having a perfectly stocked pantry of every possible ingredient with a limitless budget.
Many of us are busy Mama's who are juggling jobs, homeschool, kids of various ages, husbands and budgets.
I'm right there with you.
I'm a wife and mother of three kids who range from college to preschool.  I homeschool as well as work as a RN outside the home.  My family has a background that tends towards natural, purist-y eating, and this means that I tend to cook most of our meals.

Making a meal plan means that I need to look at what we are ALL going to eat.  I don't get stressed with rounding out meals, but have to make sure that I plan on giving my growing kids more.

As someone who has lived on THM at goal weight for the last several years, one of the issues is making a THM meal for me and rounding it out for my family without me going overboard.  While my family can enjoy crossovers regularly, and even eat off-plan, I can't let myself fall into the trap of continuous crossovers or with having off-plan foods even at goal.
After all, a little soon becomes a little more and then even more.... at least for me.

My boys with Trim, Healthy Pancakes covered in honey
and some freshly whipped cream.  Big guy gets
some coffee with half and half.
One thing I look at with menu planning for my family is content of food.  I don't want them to eat poorly, but to have well rounded meals.  This is yet ANOTHER reason to really focus on getting in non-starchies with each meal and snack.  I don't want to just fill them up with carbs and fats, but make sure that health is a huge part of our habits.  To me, this means getting in non-starchies.

This is obviously a 5 day schedule, but I think you get the idea.  My kids are all pretty thin, active and have no health issues so I do opt for rounding out meals in this way for them.
Hope you find something that is a help or inspiration for this week!

B-  Trim Healthy Pancakes (E) with berries (OK, I forgot the berries so mine were plain) Add whipped cream with stevia and honey as a family option.
L-  Kai Si Ming (S) add ramen for family option.  (I use store bought ramen, throw out the flavor pack and make my own soup base with homemade chicken stock, spices and gelatin).
S-  Popcorn (E)  cook in coconut oil, for family feel free to add S-style limits when cooking
D- Salmon patties with peas and roasted sweet potatoes (CO).  Feel free to add regular potatoes for kids.

B-  Eggs and hash (S)  add 2 slices of sprouted bread with butter and honey for family
L-  Cheeseburger Pie with side salad (S) add side of potatoes or brown rice for family
S-  Cheesecake berry crunch (S) no need to add to this great snack!
D-  Curry with rice (E)  top with plain full fat Greek yogurt (S) for family

B-  Anabolic oatmeal (E) add butter
L-   Broccoli chicken casserole (S) add 2 slices of sprouted bread for family
S-  Apple with 1 tsp peanut butter (E) for family let them smear on peanut butter or add some cheese
D-  Beef stir fry with veggies (S)  add rice for a crossover

Briana's Berry taco with Winter
Wonderland Sip
B-  Creamy quinoa (s-helper) add butter or coconut oil for family to make crossover
L-  Chicken salad on joseph's pita with broccoli salad (S)  use sprouted bread instead of pita and add a piece of fruit for family
S-   Briana's Berry Taco (S) use whole wheat or sprouted tortilla for family
D-  Burger with cabbage (S) add roasted potatoes or sweet potatoes for family

B-    Baked blueberry oatmeal (E) with whipped cream (stevia sweetened) for family
L-  Clam chowder (S) family gets a side of sprouted bread or make 2 batches of soup, one with radishes and one with potatoes
S-  Pink smoothie (E) after making, pour mine into glass and add bananas and some coconut cream for family
D-  Mediterranean Chicken Stew (S) add some brown rice for family

January 1, 2017

Continued success.. a menu

I spent the last week getting back to basics on Trim, Healthy Mama with this menu.  I've been feeling more energized
and looking to the next week.  After all, success takes planning and preparation.
I've been working a bunch since we've been off homeschool the last few weeks and I have one more week left.  Add in play time with my little guy and I really am not feeling inspired to spend a ton of time in the kitchen.
I've always felt that THM is a lifestyle that promotes health and keeps me able to do all that I need to do in life.  Yes, it is wonderful to be free of all the weight I've lost (starting in November 2012 with 45 pounds over 9 months and maintained since then, mostly until the last few weeks) but this mainly allows me to be able to move and do more each day.  That is the real JOY of THM.

But as I posted last week... I've been cheating myself here and there for the last few weeks, and had put on 10 pounds.  I'm down 2 pounds from last week and feeling better.  Yes, I've had some 10-12 hour days at work and have been so busy and stressed.  

 So this is my plan for this week filled with more busy, long days and work.
I love the THM Membership site and am using many recipes featured there.  I've been a member since it opened and have been so happy with all the new recipes, videos and hints as well as all of the Original book's recipes and ingredients from the Cookbook.  The menu builder is a great help and allows you to customize and prints a shopping list based on your menu down to the serving sizes.  The Menu Builder is great when you're not sure what you want but know a certain ingredient or meal type that you want to utilize.

I like sharing a good thing and the MEMBERSHIP is currently on SALE!  Google THM Membership  for more info.
Most recipes from my blog here are also on the website so that you may use the Menu Builder or grocery list function as well. 

Also... I realize looking at this menu that there seems to be lots of cake for breakfast.  I find it goes well with coffee and helps to inspire the rest of my day!

Getting back on plan/ Week 2

B-  Hash and eggs (S)  Membership site
S-  Almond Raspberry Breakfast Swirl  (FP)  Original book/Membership site
D-  Buffalo Chicken Casserole (S)  Membership site
B- Anabolic Oatmeal  (E)  Original book/Membership site
L-  Golden Chana Soup (E) Cookbook/Membership site
S- Popcorn (E)
D-  Burrito Bowls (E) Membership site

B-  Berrytastic Smoothie (S)  Membership site
L-   Spanish Rice Quinoa  with side salad (E)

B-  Baked Blueberry Oatmeal (E)  Membership site
L-  Mozzarella and Turkey Toast with side salad (E)  Original book/Membership site
D-  Blackened Chicken with Mango and Black Beans (E) Cookbook/Membership site

B-  Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Cake  (E) Membership site
S-  Anti-inflammatory Smoothie  (FP)  Membership site -OR- Detoxifying Smoothie (FP)
D- Alfredo Beef and Broccoli (S)  Original book/Membership site
B-  Eggs and Bacon (S)
S-  Big Boy Smoothie (FP)  Original book/Membership site
D-  Egg Roll in a Bowl (S)  Cookbook/Membership site

B-  Cinnamon Special Agent Cake (S) Membership site
L-  Cranberry Pecan Salmon Salad (S) Membership site
D-  Burgers with cheese, sauteed cabbage and roasted sweet potatoes (crossover)