June 20, 2016

Sewing: Legend of Zelda, but Subtle?

My kids are Zelda fanatics.  I really don't get the whole video game appeal, but then, I'm old and my brain has never liked moving at the speed of nintendo.
My kids love wearing boxy, game t-shirts.  Personally, I never went through this phase in life and don't really get that either actually.

We were at the fabric store one day when we came upon a couple of gems.....  Legend of Zelda prints.

I immediately saw a cute fabric shell in my mind for the black, and thought a sundress would be great for the tan.  Both kind of unexpected, the subtle and grown-up versions of a game t-shirt.

The top is a Burda pattern 7051.  It was my first time sewing from this brand, but I was impressed at the bulletpoint presentation.  It was clearly written and was a very quick project.
There are a couple of neckline and fit options.

The dress is pattern S0742 from Simplicity from their Project Runway inspired superhero collection (???).
I'm not big on taking a ton of words to say something simple. There are a ton of directions and an 'inspiration' sheet included.  I think they just want you to feel like a designer for being able to pick which top option you wanted to go with the skirt.
The directions were actually really clear and the multiple drawings provided were great as I'm very visual (and I don't know that I've ever sewn a wearable dress for an adult before?) and the techniques were along the beginner level.  That said, I did change some things to make it work better for me.  I also thought the skirt darts were weird and too structured so I changed them as well.

I'm still working on solving fit issues and the hardest thing is understanding how our figures are all so diffferent and what works best for different builds.  This could have been tailored better, but I'm still learning how to get the best fit before I'm finished.

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