June 8, 2016

Honey, wheat germ soap with oats

I spent yesterday at the water park watching my toddler slide down the same slide about 1000 times.  Last week I got some great time kayaking on the river.
The thing is... I'm a very white, white girl.  My skin fights the urge to tan each year despite all efforts.
Right now my skin needs some love.

Despite being a product junkie for all things lotion-y and soap-y, I still end up making my own.
But sometimes you realize that simple is best.

I wasn't sure this soap was going to turn out as it is a much softer bar than I've made in the past.  I thought I went overboard with the wheat germ oil at trace, but turns out, this is a lovely, nourishing soap.
My stressed skin is thanking me right now....

Please consult a site like MMS for checking your lye amounts and be safe!

Honey-Wheat germ Soap with Oats
8 oz coconut oil
20 oz olive oil
2 oz castor oil
2 oz wheat germ

9 oz water
4.35 oz lye

1/2 T ground oats
1/2 T honey
1-2 tsp wheat germ oil

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