May 23, 2016

Sewing.... Skirts

Sometimes you realize to really learn and progress at something you're going to have to go against your basic nature.  I like to be quick and take short cuts, but sewing isn't something that fosters this attitude.  I have decided to start studying and really taking my time with sewing and it seems to be paying off.

This whole sewing deal started when I wanted to get my 18 year old a skirt off of ModCloth.  I have the habit of stopping people on the street when they are wearing something interesting or in something I like, and I ask if I may take their photo.  Most people actually agree and then tell me about their outfit.  I've found many cool girls wearing things from ModCloth and decided to get Shawn a few things.
Most 18 year old girls would probably like this, but mine... not so much.  She is cheaper than I'll ever be.  I then realized that I could sew up a skirt fairly easily, but I wanted fun, funky material.  Turns out that local stores had better inventory than I realized so I stocked up and let her go wild at picking out fabric.
I also love that everyone blogs today.  I found so many great tips and tutorials online.
I decided to make my first skirt patterns on my own.  This was a tribute to not following directions completely, but still having a guide, as I am prone to do.  I altered Gertie's directions since I don't have an invisible zip foot (as of today) and was so happy with the results.
Shawn's panda skirt and pink steampunk skirt and my bird skirt are Gertie's designs.  She has great directions and they are easy to follow.  I altered the seam and  side zipper installation by adding a regular zip with hook and eye to close, but otherwise stayed on plan.  The skirt is easy to alter to fit how you need.  All you need is a waist measurement and length.  The panda fabric was limited so I went shorter than the directions.  Shawn is 5'9".
These are both basic cotton fabrics that can be casual and comfy with a tank or dressed up with a nicer shirt and cardigan.

I am not one to wear skirts or to wear what I sew.  Usually what I make looks horrible and isn't something I could wear out.  I realized that mentally, I needed to commit and make something that I'd feel good wearing.
I'm not thrilled with the pattern style I picked for this skirt, but I loved the batik fabric.  While it does kind of scream for a long boho style, I wanted something short.  I admit that I've always been a bit intimidated by shorter skirts, but since losing weight, I find longer skirts tend to make me look heavier.
The batik skirt is a bit too structured with the pleats, and I don't think it was the best choice for the fabric, but it is still pretty and comfy and I've actually worn it out a few times.  It comes from McCalls pattern M7253.

I do tend to be practical and I don't care to dress in novelty clothing.  But I saw this fabric and immediately became obsessed with it.  Maybe it is because I just lost my Grandmother a few months back and when I think of her, I think of her love of birds.
I went thru several pattern ideas before deciding Gertie's dirndl skirt.  I needed something that would maintain the pattern while respecting the lightness of the light, cotton fabric.
The main thing I'd have done differently, and with more experience, would have been to line the skirt. I did add a ribbon on the inside hem, please don't look too closely, it's as crooked as can be.


LKS said...

Those are super cute Kimi!

Patricia Cosby said...

Nice job on the skirts! I have given my newer machine away, and received in turn an older machine from a grandmother. I'm having difficulty with the sensitive bobbin! Gone are the days when I could call my mom and ask what I was doing wrong! I would like to show my 11 year old daughter how she can "lengthen" some of her favorite shirts by applying a 4" lace border (or sheer material that is all the rage now) so she can wear all her leggings without me fussing at her! This pattern you posted from Gertie looks great!

the momma said...

Look at you!! Fantastic!! Good for you - taking the time to do it right :-)