May 29, 2016

Sewing... A dress and a top

I've been sewing a bit more this week and decided to try something new.  I needed a top to go with the 'bird' skirt I had already made, and while I wanted a purple color, I couldn't find fabric and settled for a mint green.
This was my first time ever sewing a knit fabric and I was kind of clueless but read a bit in the pattern about it as well as some books.
The green (or blue?) top started off as a wrap top for me.  All the guides as far as 'how to dress' say that a wrap style is great for me, but I find they never quite work well for my figure.  I realized with this first attempt that the bulk of wraps is too much for my waist.  I am smaller there and don't want to add the extra fabric as it will make me look larger than I am.

I also had fit issues and need to look at that aspect of sizing as well.
Pattern sizes are not the same as store bought clothing sizes.  Patterns haven't changed in the last 30-50 years while store sizes have.  I can wear anything from a 4 to a 10 in stores and I made a size 12-14 pattern per my measurements and it was too big (or I'm just used to more stretch and wearing things tight?)
I ended up making just a plain shell.  New Look 6285 using size 12 per my measurements and cut it in a bit at the waist.  It is still a bit larger than I'd buy, but it still turned out well and is pretty comfortable.  The pattern was quick and to the point with separate pieces and directions for the 3 different looks.

This wrap dress, McCalls M7119, was an easier pattern to follow than I thought it would be, but it was still confusing at some spots.  I have to admit that I am not an abstract, spatial thinker so I usually have to pin the whole thing together at stages so I can see how it is all supposed to fit together.  I also found that there are some terms I just don't know yet, and I'm making sure to look things up and not get into a rush.
I like that this pattern has a real vintage, housedress feel to it.  It actually reminds me of a dress my grandmother would've worn when I was a young child.
It was quick to make and comfortable to wear.


the momma said...

great job! Pattern sizing is just ridiculous, isn't it?! It's downright demoralizing for someone trying to lose weight to sew from a 'big 4' pattern.
I'm with you - why add bulk at the waist?! Maybe a faux wrap style would be better...
Ooh - you know what? You should give the Lady Skater Dress from Kitschy coo a try ~ it is super flattering. (incidentally - you look fabulous :-)

See the Blue Sky said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I love the lady skater dress! Now just to tackle pdf patterns!