December 22, 2015


"You break things, you put them back together. That’s how you remake everything."  From the Modern Mrs Darcy. (I'm not quite sure about how to cite a blog post?)

I'm in the midst, or possibly beginning, of a time of remaking.  Life starts building and growing and the next thing you know, you are in the center of a life that has become something you might not recognize.  All because you made one choice, went a certain direction, and  just let things keep going on auto-pilot for a while.  It's comfortable, and I think it is also pretty normal.
Sometimes though, you get to the point to where you need to start cleaning house.  You need to get rid of excess baggage and pare things down to the essentials.

It isn't that where you are isn't  good, but that it might be holding you back from where you should be.

I looked around one day, and asked myself, is this the life I wanted?  Am I the person that I really want to be?
Looking at my answers helped me to realize that life might be too comfortable right now.  That I need to examine, discover and break apart who I am and rebuild into the person that I need to be.

Now I'm not some great self-help person, and I don't psychoanalyze either, but my plan is fairly simple.
I've unplugged from social media (which means no one will most likely ever read this post), and plugged into my family directly.
I realized my family was getting the "parenting from behind a screen" for most of the day, and it isn't a filter I want to reach them thru, I decided.

I'm reading more.  I'm doing more with my hands.  I'm thinking more.  I'm considering the kind of person I want to be, but more importantly, I'm working on letting that person be present.
I'm being more conscious of my time and planning more than listing.

So if anyone does read this, and wonder where I went, please don't be worried or sad for me.  I'm where I need to be.

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