April 16, 2015

A Week of Meals, THM-Style

I have to admit that I have a love-hate relationship with planning.  While I love having a plan and an overall goal, it just gets old and tedious to have to figure out 3 meals for each day for all 5 of us.
Salad (kind of on the side) with broccoli
 chicken casserole
I have many days where I just want to get takeout or order a pizza and not have to think about nutrition and variety or about what is on sale and the value of food.
Sometimes I just want to eat, have it be yummy, and not worry about it being on Trim, Healthy Mama, but then I get back to real life, or step on the scale, and remember that it is about long-term health for me and my family.

I get tired of the same old thing.  I do like the comfort in some foods, but even those old standbys need revamping sometimes.

So here's my menu for the week.  I'm at goal weight as well so there might be more crossovers or S-helpers than others would desire.  I work outside the home as well and have to transport food on those days.  I also exercise so I need calories to fuel this.
My goals with this menu are to get wholesome, nutritious foods that are on plan and filling and are family-friendly.  I'm not big on using a bunch of special ingredients, but I do utilize some convenience items.

My family tends to eat what I eat, but I make sure that their meals are rounded out with my kids getting crossovers at most every meal.

I've also discovered accountability for meals and staying on plan thru the TwoGrand app.  I'm KimiTHMadmin so feel free to join me there.  This app takes advantage of the trend of photographing food.  It also has boxes to check off for things like taking vitamins daily and documenting exercise.
I have posted an E breakfast, but the fact is I have coffee with half and half every morning, so for me it would actually be a crossover meal.  Keep that in mind as you plan your meals as well.
I hope you found something to inspire you!
The Menu

Breakfast: Trim, Healthy Pancakes (E) pg 223 in the THM book, or try my "special" version 
Lunch:Chicken, loaded cauliflower casserole, and green beans (S)
Snack: Fat stripping frappe (FP) pg 240 in THM
Dinner: Nacho salad (S)  (lettuce, cheese, salsa, avocado, nacho meat, olives, and sourcream.  Crumble up 1 or 2 corn chips over the top as a garnish that will give you a little crunch)

Broccoli salad
Breakfast: Muffin in a Mug (S) my version is an all flax seed one, or see the book, page 256
Lunch:  Chicken salad on joseph's pita, Broccoli salad (S)
Snack:Half an apple with peanut butter (E)
Dinner: Salmon patties, roasted sweet potatoes, peas (crossover) Use the Crabby Patties recipe in the book on page 338 and I like red palm oil (discussed on page 201-203) for the sweet potatoes.

Breakfast: Chocomocho smoothie (S) page 248 in THM
Lunch:Pimento cheese on a slice of Ezekiel bread, apple (crossover)
Snack:Smoothie (FP)
Dinner: Broccoli chicken casserole with side salad (S)
Melted pimento on ezekiel bread with half an apple

Breakfast: Banana-flavored Muffin in a mug (S)
Lunch:Frittata with side salad (S)
Snack:Pineapple cake (E)
Dinner: Curried chicken and veggies with brown basmati rice (Crossover or s-helper if using only 1/2 cup rice)  I use cubed, cooked chicken, light coconut milk, red curry paste, 2-3 chopped zucchini, and some green peas.

Breakfast: Muffin in a mug (S)
Lunch:Grilled market salad from Chickfila with lowfat dressing (E)
Snack:Apple with 1 tsp peanut butter (E)
Dinner: Burger patty with parmesan and sauteed mushrooms, sauteed cabbage in butter (S)

Breakfast: Cheese eggs, bacon, strawberries(S)
Lunch:Spinach chicken casserole with side salad(S)
Snack:Apple (E)
Dinner: Burrito with low carb shell with Spanish 'rice' quinoa (Crossover)

Breakfast: Ezekiel bread, fried egg, lowfat cheese, strawberries(S-helper)
Lunch:Quinoa casserole with veggies (Crossover)
Snack:Real Peanut Butter Milkshake(S)
Dinner: Pizza pocket with side salad (S)

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Thank you for sharing and all the added information. Page #, E, S, FP.