March 22, 2015


What you might not realize if you happen to read my blog is that I started it for the primary reason that I always forget where I put things that I write down.
Like I'll create some amazing recipe or meal idea, write it down, and then forget where it is.  Or it will be stuck in a binder somewhere and I'll never think about it as life moves quickly.

So enter google and blogs and the ability to just type in a few words and have a link to my recipe or thoughts.  Amazing stuff.

I had dna testing a while back and i'm still trying to think thru several things and issues.
I'm parking some links here so I will remember why they are relevant to things i'm researching right now and come up with a plan.  And this way I don't have dozens of open tabs open for days.

kimi  (and this is why I'll never consider myself a "real" blogger and I'm good with this)

Simplified (ha! in like 20 pages) Road map with links
Methylfolate side effects
MTHFR basic protocol
Histamine intolerance guide