February 8, 2015

Traveling with THM

I always say that Trim, Healthy Mama isn't a diet, right?  It is called a PLAN and considered a lifestyle.
No deprivation?  No hunger?  Lose and maintain weight while becoming healthier?
Yes! but how does that translate to real living?

I have been travelling more the last few months, and it has been the fun kind of travel.... vacations!
Cruises even.

One statistic I've recently heard on board, and repeated by those who have been on cruises, is that the normal weight gain is 2 pounds per day.
That really isn't acceptable to me.  I don't want to come home 10 pounds heavier.
I know how badly my body will feel with all that bloat and inflammation.  Being armed with THM principles has helped me to make smarter choices though that will still allow me to enjoy my food while not abusing my body.

Before the first trip a few months ago, I was a bit nervous and scared to eat off plan.  I've always been one to think that cheating isn't a part of what THM looks like for me, but THM is about choices and about not giving food power over me,   I don't care to see off-plan foods as good or bad, but just food.  For me, it is about realizing that I can choose to fuel my body with things that will encourage health and well-being, but the rare non-positive food won't completely negate my good choices at this point.  The key word here is *rare*.
After coming to terms with this, my second trip this last week  involved no fear at all.
I know that THM and its principles work, and work well, for me.
I've been at goal weight for quite a while and THM's principles are just a part of my life at this time.

I've had 2 vacations in the last 3 months, and while I did definitely indulge in some off-plan items, I can gladly say that I didn't gain even one pound.  THM isn't just a diet and weightloss plan; it is a lifestyle that can be adapted to your life and needs.  It is customizable and changeable to fit who you are and where you are in your life.
None of my 'hints' are earth shattering, and there are no new S/E combo's that will help you drop 10 pounds while eating anything you want.  They are pretty much common sense things, and I hope you find something useful.

*It's really not a treat if it makes you feel bad!
Remember that before you binge or overeat on any food or drink.  Think about how you will be feeling in the next few hours.  Is that bite really worth what it will do to your body?  Will how you feel affect your ability to live and do what you want later?

*If it isn't on plan, and if it isn't absolutely wonderful, then don't eat any more!
Happy birthday to me!  The kids got the dessert though.
If the dessert is not absolutely the tastiest, or as wonderful as you thought it would be, then don't eat even one more bite!  Your taste for foods might have changed and what you remembered as great might not have that same sensation to you anymore.  Don't just eat something because you are expecting an emotional reaction from it.
Being wasteful isn't a good thing, but don't use the excuse that your kids didn't eat it and you didn't want to throw it out as an excuse.  Don't use your body as a trash can.

*Don't drink your calories!
This one is from the book in Ch 15.  If you want to enjoy a refreshing, off-plan beverage try to pair it with some protein and make sure you consider carbs and calories.
Sodas are appealing and easy but should be a rare treat.  I'm not talking about on plan sodas, but diet sodas.
Look for coffee and herb teas.  I found quite a few choices of tea with hot water dispensers on the ship , in coffee bars and even in a few gas stations.  Remember you can always pack your own tea bags and use the hot water many places offer or resort to tap water heated in the microwave.
I personally love Good Girl Moonshine and carried a case of water along with bottles of Bragg's apple cider vinegar, ginger and some stevia on both occasions.
When flying, I made sure the ACV was in my checked luggage.  I tend to order mine online and it is delivered in bubble wrap and bagged securely.  I keep a few bottles wrapped so that they are ready to travel.
I keep my ginger in a ziplock bag and get a small liquid stevia as I've found the powders don't travel as well.  I make sure they are all in checked luggage, not in carry-ons when flying.  I carried them onto the ship without any issues in security or customs.
Which leads me to.....

*Drink water! Drink water! Drink water!
I can't say that one enough.

*Beware the bread!
I like sweets, but I am really all about the bread.  I make sure I know how much bread I'll let myself have before heading to a meal.  I tend to eat it only at one meal each day and know that there is a trade off usually.
For me, the trade off is usually eating only a bite of dessert or having one of the sugar-free versions made with Spenda (not on plan, but ok for an occasional treat).  This way I'm not loading up on carbs, but keeping the overall amount lower.  Yes, they are white flour and not on plan, but for me, this treat is about experiencing something I love in moderation.

*Eat fancy!
Roasted duck with red cabbage, sweet potatoes and peas.
Very S-helper of them!
I'm pretty down home in my food tastes.  I don't eat out often, but when I do, I like to eat well and have things I probably couldn't make myself easily.  Even though my kids think I can clean a squid or cook a duck perfectly, I really don't have the time or inclination to do so even if Alton Brown says it isn't that hard.  These are the types of things that I like to take advantage of when I do go out.  Often these 'fancy' foods are great CrossOver meals.  Start with a great appetizer.  I'm not talking fried onions or cheese, but buttered scallops or soup.  For the main course get a great S protein and add a great sauce with veggies with a small amount of on plan carbs.
The amount of food in an entree, at least on cruises, are usually smaller than many Americans are used to seeing on a plate, but this is a good thing.  It reminds you not to overeat and what normal amounts look like while still offering you a satisfying meal.  I find that this perspective helps me to realize it really is about quality and not quantity.

*Think in terms of CrossOvers
Often on vacation, you can be bombarded with buffets.  These can be dangerous when you heap pasta, sauce-laden meats, breads and sugar-laden desserts on your plate.
I look for leaner proteins, like fish or chicken breast, and add a crossover amount of brown rice.  Add in some salad and veggies and you have a great, most likely, CrossOver meal.

*Seek out those non-starchies!
Yes, even when on vacation you need to make sure you maximize your nutrition and help your body feel more full with the addition of the goodness of cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli.  Think of all the peppers and greens you can have added to your omelet.  Have that side spinach salad and add some mushrooms.  Max out your sides of zucchini and green beans.

*Eat big for breakfast!
I had to include this as I could eat breakfast about 20 times a day.   Fill up on eggs, bacon, sausages, coffee and cream.  Feel like you are indulging when you are really staying completely on plan with a satisfying S meal!

*Move it!
I love to exercise almost as much as I love to catch up on sleep.  This is usually my goal for vacation time... be active but find time to rest.
Take advantage of the stairs and gyms.  Find out if exercise classes are offered and try something new.
Find ways to take advantage of sight-seeing without taking a taxi or bus.  Walk when you can.
Energy to carry a tired boy!
I find that vacation provides me the time to challenge myself when it comes to exercise.  I look to increase my running times or better my pace.  Having that time to recover inspires me to really push myself.

*Remember that 3 hrs and the next meal is all it takes to get back on plan with THM!
Did you totally blow it?  Don't dwell, but learn from it and spend the next few meals back in S, E or even FP territory.  It really is that easy.

Enjoy your vacation!


Lisa G. said...

Your thoughts were just what I needed to read today! I work prn which is usually pretty sporadic. This last weekend, however, I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday out of town with an evening birthday party thrown in on Friday. I usually give myself the luxury to cheat on occasion but that is very much the exception, not the rule. When packing for the weekend, I threw in a few easy THM choices but we were low on groceries and I didn't take the time to shop before we left. That was the start of some poor choices! To make a long story short, I cheated a good share of the weekend and woke up this morning at home up on the scale, tired, and with a brain fog/headache! Miserable! I remembered Pearl's advice and made myself fried eggs in butter over salad for breakfast to get back on track and I am already feeling a little bit better. When traveling in the future I will take more time to plan my meals or at least plan my cheats! I liked your advice to only eat bread at one meal (for me, it would be probably be dessert), and then stay on plan the rest of the time! It was too easy for me to give myself too much leeway by thinking of it as a vacation and a vacation from the plan.. But my body knew different! Lesson learned!

Lisa B said...

I just got back from a seven day cruise and was, big surprise, down two pounds! THM was a big help. W had a wonderful time, and the food was amazing even without going totally of plan.

Eliana Jimenez said...

Thank you! Just what I needed to hear before our family Christmas cruise! I don't know how to make this non-anonymous.

Eliana Jimenez said...

Thank you, thank you! Just what I needed to hear before our family Christmas cruise! I will be aware of what I eat. Big tip!