November 24, 2014


I'm celebrating my 2 year Trimaversary this week.  A Trimaversary is the term used by those of us who have discovered Trim, Healthy Mama and are celebrating our time on plan.  This week marks 2 years on plan for me.
I am excited to say that living on THM has helped me to have the life I want. I've learned not to be a slave to food, had energy for whatever life throws at me, and can run and keep up with my family.
I started at 186 pounds, reached my goal over a year, and have maintained over the last year with my current weight of 142. 
For me, it was just about reading the book, eating from the food lists, and listening to my body. 

Trim, Healthy Mama isn't a diet.  It is a life plan.  It is a way of eating healthy, with foods of your choice, in a way that you customize just for you.  It is a plan to obtain healthy with trimness being a natural side effect.  The key with this program is learning the combinations that will meet your needs.
I've successfully lost weight while following the recommendations while helping my 12 year old son gain using the same principles.
THM isn't about deprivation.  It isn't about no carbs or no fat extremes.  It isn't about a one-size-fits-all mentality.  

At one point in my early 40s, I had come to accept that I was always going to be chubby despite running and yo-yo'ing between being veganism and other whole food extremes.  I had no hope in ever feeling truly fit because of my size. 
Thankfully, I don't even know that person anymore.

I know that many people are busy, but I am 45, married with 3 homeschooled kids from 16-2, and I also work regularly as a nurse. I'm busy, but I know that my future and my health are things to value. I'm still learning to deal with stress, but thankfully, eating is no longer my go to response.

And treats? I've learned it isn't a treat if it makes you feel bad. There are too many other, positive things that can make you feel good, why ruin things with junk? 

THM has made being fit not just a possibility, but my reality.
There are several aspects of my life that are still in process, and I'm constantly learning.
I'm just very thankful for Pearl and Serene for sharing their research.

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Sheila DelCharco said...

Congratulations on year 2! You look great!

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