November 21, 2014

Good Girl Fire Cider?

I have to admit that I have become a total addict to Trim, Healthy Mama's Good Girl Moonshine (GGMS).
But like many things in life, I have issues with contentment and things staying the same.
I also love when one part of my life smacks into another one.  I love what THM has done for me, and I love studying and learning more about herbs as well.

One night as I was making yet another cup of GGMS to sip, I caught sight of my fire cider that has been overdue for straining and use.

I had a great idea.

Why not use the fire cider, that is in an apple cider vinegar base, instead of just plain ACV?
Fire cider is amazing stuff.  The recipe has been around for years, and it is one of the most simple and  effective herbal preparations you can make.
Here's a basic recipe.

No special ingredients needed.  Most everything can be found at your local grocery store.  And if you don't have everything on the list?  Doesn't matter.  Put what you find in the jar, let it sit, strain, and enjoy!

Mine is overly red because I had many hot, red peppers in my garden this summer, but hat is part of the greatness of this immune building tonic.

Directions:  So to make my GGMS into GGFC (Good Girl Fire Cider), I use fire cider without honey, ginger (I like the added amount) and stevia to taste.

So now I have not just a tasty drink with some good properties, but a spicy, warming drink with even more health benefits!

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