November 11, 2014

Are You Really a Purist?

I hate to admit this, but I actually tend to like rules.  Yes, I also like to question them, but for the most part I find lines of right and wrong somehow satisfying.  I find that knowing there are absolutes in life to be a good thing.
One thing that I have learned with Trim, Healthy Mama is that there are some rules, but how you integrate those rules is up to each person.
The thing is, following the rules doesn't make you a Purist.  Following the rules heals your body and can help you become healthy inside and out.  Following the rules just means you are eating and living by the principles discussed in the book.

Being a Purist is a choice in what ingredients you choose.  You can eat whole, natural foods as they are grown or harvested and be true to THM, or you can choose to eat conveniently processed or fast foods.
THM is about giving you choices to create a healthy life.  It is about finding freedom in food, not being a slave to ingredients.

A food purist on THM is someone who might spend their time grinding their own wheat to make their own sourdough bread or can the tomatoes that they grew in their own garden for use throughout the year.  A purist is the homecook who doesn't take shortcuts and feels that food quality is worth the extra effort.
Purist, home canned tomatoes
Purist, fresh veggies and nuts
Purist homemade sourdough starter
The non-Purist might be a working mom who is used to a certain level of convenience in her food.  She doesn't care to learn to make her own cheese and doesn't have time to babysit a sourdough starter.  A non-purist will buy a jar of sauce and use Reddi-whip while enjoying the low-carb tortillas and Joseph's pitas that are on plan.  She likes Laughing Cow cheese wedges and might stop by Subway for lunch out.

Cute, but NOT purist!
Non purist!  Dreamfields pasta is yummy and on plan, but is a convenience food!
Purist soup made with fresh, homegrown veggie, but
the low carb, store bought tortilla is an on-plan convenience food.

I personally find comfort in knowing I can be as hard-core a Purist as I would like or live at my convenience and stay on plan.  Success on THM isn't about eating someone else's way.  What you eat and how you combine it are important, but I can choose what is best for me.  It is the power of having that choice that I personally find liberating.  I don't care to ever be a slave to food again.

Staying true to the principles of Trim, Healthy Mama and how the plan looks for you is your choice.  THM allows you to take shortcuts or to be as pure with ingredients as you wish to be.  It also allows you to be somewhere in between as well as there are no set rules when it comes to food purity.  

THM has "vastly different approaches that will show you that you don’t
have to be a “certain type” to attain health and a sleek waistline." The book provides the reader
"opinions and choices on menu ideas so you can implement them to fit your own lifestyle."
There is room for everyone.  Staying on plan doesn't make you a Purist, but simply makes you on plan.
(quotes from Trim, Healthy Mama page xix)


Mardi said...

Thank you for this post. It really drives me crazy when I read ladies' posts who say they use off-plan ingredients, but it's okay because they're not "purists". I have no problem if they want to be off-plan - we all have to decide what is best for us and how closely we follow THM because of course this is an eating plan for life, not a "diet". However, don't whine and complain when you go off-plan and then find you're not losing weight at the rate you want to. Obviously, this post hit a spot with me - thank you again for addressing this issue. Blessings!

Sheudo said...

Thanks for the post. I think this will help clear up the differences for some of the ladies. Blessings!