November 4, 2014

A Week at Goal-Menu Plan

I've been at goal for over a year now.  I did gain a few pounds and going strictly on plan slammed them off very quickly, and then I found myself dropping more weight.

I think that when I got to goal I felt like pushing the boundaries a bit.  I think I wanted to see how far I could go over the line and gain or not gain.  I was thinking that I am pretty healthy with a good metabolism.  I exercise.  Shouldn't I get to cheat here and there with a treat?
Or maybe daily if every now and then is okay?
Maybe I don't have to play by the rules and eat every 3-5 hours.  Maybe I can skip here and there and then go 2 hours between others.

The thing is, when you start cheating, you really start cheating yourself.  
The 5 oz of dry red wine turned into half a bottle.  Sweet potatoes became kettle chips.  Nachoes included fried corn chips not a low carb wrap option.
I think my lab results were what helped me to realize I needed to grow up and get it together.  I know what I'm supposed to do and I just needed to do it.

But the question is, how do you continue doing Trim, Healthy Mama at goal weight?

Chances are that your week looks like will look very different from mine.  THM has helped me to realize that we all are different and what my body needs is different from yours.
What my week looks like now is also very different from when I started THM or even a year ago when I reached my goal.
I'm 45 years old now.  I exercise and I work a few days a week as well.
I'm no longer nursing a baby, but I try to stay active each day in some way.  I don't have any health issues or metabolic problems either.  All of these factors play into what THM will look like for you.

This is what my typical week might look like. I do all fuel types, of Satsifying (S), Energizing (E), Fuel Pulls (FP) along with S-helpers and crossovers.
My work days are 2-3 days a week for 12 hr shifts and that alters my eating schedule, but I've found I feel so much better on plan, that I'd rather just not cheat myself.  I do sometimes order out, but it is always a salad that will be on plan.  I skip the pasta, Chinese food and donuts that always seem to appear in the break room.

I currently do not drink alcohol, but drink the Good Girl Moonshine daily and will have the Shrinker made with green tea once a week.  I find that the Shrinker causes me to lose and while I enjoy sipping tea, it is too much for my system.

Day 1: 
breakfast: muffin in a mug (MIM) and coffee/half and half (S)
lunch: chicken breast meat with salsa, rice (full E serving), low-fat sour cream, cheddar (I call it a crossover)
snack: cheesecake blintz with berries(S)
dinner: salad with taco meat, cheddar, veggies, salsa, ranch dressing (S) I break up 2-3 chips over the top for crunch (and I do use the fried ones)
snack: if still hungry, 2 wasa with laughing cow and 1 piece of lean cold cut (FP)
Fall flavors Muffin in a mug

Day 2
breakfast:  Coco-Banana MIM, coffee/half and half (S)
lunch: egg salad (1 egg with mayo) on joseph's pita with half a banana (crossover)
snack: pineapple MIM cake (E)
dinner: chili with beans topped with some cheese- (crossover)
snack: probably not hungry, but a small cube of cheese if I am (FP)

Day 3:
breakfast: MIM, coffee/half and half (S)
lunch: spaghetti squash with parm and butter (S)
snack: yogurt berries (fp)
dinner: salmon patties (S), sweet potatoes roasted in red palm oil (Crossover) and some green peas (Crossover meal)
snack: wasa, laughing cow, cold cut (if hungry)

Day 4. (work day)
breakfast: sandwich and half a banana/coffee with half and half (crossover)
lunch: turkey with quinoa and bbq sauce (E)
snack: protein bar (crossover)
dinner: Cobb salad (S)
snack: yogurt with berries (FP)

Day 5
breakfast: MIM, coffee/half and half (S)
lunch: taco salad (S) I usually crunch up 2-4 chips on top (day 1 dinner)
snack: pineapple MIM cake (E)
dinner: omelet with veggies and smoked sausage in a tortilla (S)
snack: none
Spaghetti squash with mozzarella and pepperoni (S)

Day 6. Work day
breakfast: sandwich and half a banana/coffee with half and half (crossover)
lunch: cobb salad (S)
snack: yogurt with berries (FP)
dinner: spaghetti squash with mozz and pepperoni (S)
dessert (late dinner) pineapple cake (E) So whole meal is crossover
Turkey Confetti Quinoa

Day 7. Work day
breakfast: sandwich and half a banana/coffee with half and half (crossover)
lunch: Turkey Confetti Quinoa (E)
snack: yogurt with berries (FP)
dinner: salad with meat and cheese and veggies (S)
snack: skinny chocolate dipped in peanut butter (S)

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