September 8, 2014

Even When You Don't Want To....

“Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist.” George Carlin

I have to admit that I tend towards cynicism.  And complaining.  And seeing the problems.

It is easy to dwell in the negative in today's world.  It is easy to trash others, complain about technology and just whine about things in general.
It is almost like it is expected and encouraged.  

Cynicism is acceptable.  We know that things in some magical way "could" be wonderful, but in actuality are not.  We are supposed to say what is on our hearts and minds, right?  What we think and feel is important, you know?  It's healthy to not bottle up our frustrations?

This is where I feel that I live.  I am negative.  I dwell there.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

I've started back working more hours.  I still homeschool my 2 older kids (11th and 7th grades) while taking care of a toddler and my husband (irony is that he ended up grouped with the toddler?).  I still cook most of our meals and clean the house and do all the other stuff that I was too busy for.
And the strange thing is.... there is always time.  Or to put it into perspective, there is always time for what is important.

This means that I have to have priorities and think about the possibilities and not let myself go to the mindset that I'm already defeated and need to settle for second best.
It is also about perspective and understanding that I might have to change how I do things.  It is about delegating things and not being such a control freak.

What if we have a plan?  What if we refused to stay in the cycle of negativity?

What if we refused to be disappointed by circumstances (because isn't that what life really is?)

This morning I was tired. 
I can dwell on all the things that led to this point as negatives and use them as excuses for bad behavior, or I can choose to see the positives.

I think my point is supposed to be that life is just life.  Our reactions make us who we are.
There is so much sadness and evil around, but I'm not going to let that ruin who I really am or who I might potentially be.

This started off being a post about running or adding exercise to your day so I'm not sure where my head went or how George Carlin came into play.

I just think that it is easy for me to let my attitude get the best of me.  It is easy to become a circumstancial grump.

Right now I'm working on making life smooth with a family, a job, homeschool and all that we do.
Some days are more challenging than others.  You see, it is life.  I don't think life is really hard unless you make it that way.  

It really is all about attitude and perception.  It is about setting limits and knowing what my priorities are in advance.
It is about not settling for seconds, but realizing that I need to make wise choices and understand that perfection doesn't really exist anyhow?

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