June 7, 2014

Stress, The Hospital and the Power of Scent

This year has not been normal, if there is such a thing.
We are a pretty healthy family, and for the most part, that hasn't changed, but it just seems that parts are getting old and worn in some (mine, unfortunately) and then my older son went and had his appendix rupture.
He is 11, and while I knew he would ultimately be fine, it was stressful there for a bit.

You see, I'm a nurse.  I've logged almost 27 years in hospitals and feel very comfortable in that setting.
Taking the situation and boiling it down to the clinical is the way I've found of coping, but when it is your own child, it is hard to put that face on sometimes.  I don't want to just think of him clinically as he doesn't need skilled, objective care from me at that time, but the loving, subjectiveness of his mom.
It was hard to see him awkward and hurting and disoriented.

Now despite using herbal tinctures and potions at home, I'm not one to rock the boat unnecessarily in the medical arena.  I have a respect for what the hospital staff is doing and don't want to do anything that might be construed as harmful in that setting for many reasons.
But I did transport some green smoothie for me to drink along with some essential oils.  I have seen some lovely things with essential oils and can generally excuse them as a fragrance in that setting without the staff and doctors thinking I'm too far over the natural line.

After reading The Wild Medicine Solution, by Guido Mase', I felt even more compelled to try aromatics at this point in recovery.
In the book, he discusses the power that aromatics have over our moods and how they can change our perceptions and attitudes.  He also covers tonics and bitter in the book that should really be on your herbal shelf.  His blog post gives a brief sample of the book here.
After several miserable days in the hospital, both my son and I both needed that boost.

I had a small bottle of Enlighten blend from Birch Hill Happenings that contains a great blend of orange, pine needle, eucalyptus, frankincense, patchouli and cistus that I've had for many years as I was drawn to the scent.
It turns out that these are some that Guido (I feel on a first name basis with him now) lists as aromatics and recommends.

I used this first on my son and myself and it helped both of us realize that it was hard and painful, but that he was healing and would be home eventually.  That his discomfort and limits were not permanent.
And it worked.  We both felt a release from tension and stress that we had felt for days.

I also used the doTerra Balance formula that is supposed to "create a sense of calm and well-being."  After getting our minds reset and at peace with the issues at hand, I used Balance every few hours as a massage to our neck/scalp to maintain calm and focus.

And as always, I was quite surprised at how well it worked.  I don't know why I seem to so often forget or doubt the power of scent and the usefulness of essential oils, but I frequently overlook them and want to use something more tangible when it might not be necessary.

It was a hard week going from surgery to ICU to a hospital room for a week, but my son is great right now, and I am very thankful that we had essential oils to help with our stress at that time, and that Guido wrote some great things that gave me a direction in a book I hope you'll consider reading.

***  As a rule, I do not sell things.  I have a job and make money that way.  I write things here/on the blog mainly so I can remember them and have a search button or have been things that I have found helpful and wish to share.
I do have links but the ones here are just generic ones and a friend's doTerra business (she gifted me the Balance and is generally a good person).  I don't know the Birch Hill people, but they make a nice oil that I have no complaints with.
My personal view is to go with what works and is affordable.  If your local herb shop can mix you some NOW oils, cool!  Or do it yourself even.  Have fun, experiment but be safe if something is unfamiliar to you.  Do you homework and research.   If you want to try doTerra, please consider using the links, but if you love another brand, that is great too!