January 27, 2014

The Thought Police Might Be After You

I believe in moral absolutes. 
There.  I said it. 
It just seems like saying that in today’s society is a bad thing, a very bad thing.

Moral absolutes mean that you think that there is a right and a wrong no matter your circumstances.  And while most people would agree that killing someone is a bad thing, other lifestyle choices are often off limits.
It seems that lately you are not allowed to think in ways that don’t show love and acceptance to all.  If you do express a dislike of a certain behavior then you are often branded a hater, a racist or homophobe. The list is pretty long it seems of groups that are off limits.

Yesterday I pondered why people feel the need to worry about what others say, but I think it is a part of a much larger issue.  The issue isn’t do I not like you, but the fact that if I do not accept your point of view as good then I must hate you.

I guess I see quite a difference between not accepting something as a good thing and hating the individual who did it.
The thing is I have people I call friends who are gay.  I have other friends who have had abortions.  I know others who have been unfaithful to their spouses.
These aren’t activities that I feel are the morally right thing to do.  The are not actions I want to emulate and cannot condone and also teach my children to be wrong.  Yes, wrong.  I do not believe that these are the right way of doing things.
But that doesn’t change the fact that they are my friends and that I love them. 
(and I will also admit that I have often screwed up and allowed my own emotion to lead me to not act as a friend, but I hope that in the end, I got it together)

I guess I believe that people are more than just the sums of their actions, and as a sinner, I don’t feel qualified to condemn them for their sins.
To me, God isn’t someone I want to box in.  He has given me grace, and I choose not to limit Him.
I feel that it is His job to figure out the sin part and best for me to be the best friend to others I can be and to show others love the best way I can.

The media and those with agendas want to get everyone all upset and polarized on issues though.  I do think that examining issues is a good thing, but so often instead we are manipulated and either change our view to fit the politically correct or stand ostracized as being a hater.
To me, this is telling me that there is a right and a wrong way that I am supposed to think about things.  That my current thought process and decisions do not matter.  That the standards I have decided to live by aren't on the list of ones to pick from.  That I really don't have a choice as there is only the one right way for all people.
I guess I don’t care to be told how I’m supposed to think, especially when I wonder who is the one who gets to decide what is the popular right or wrong as of this moment?  

Yes, I believe in moral absolutes.  I believe that there is a right and a wrong.  
But do I hate you if you think, act or believe differently than I do?
The answer is no.  I don't hate you.  I probably don't pity you either.  I probably think that you are amazing for living your convictions and for doing what you felt you had to do.  I wonder what brought you to that place for their decisions?  If you feel at peace?  I wonder how I might help you not feel like they have no other choice in making hard decisions.  I wonder how much pain some of those decisions caused, and if, as a friend, I have offered you support and love?

I think it is the easy and convenient way out to say that someone hates a group just because of how they behave.  I think it takes away actually getting to know people on either side as an individual, and that might be the hard part, the messy part?  Actually learning to relate to others where they are?

I guess I don't care for a herd mentality.  We are individuals and I prefer to know people, not groups.

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