January 26, 2014


I’m not one to be overly mouthy online any more.  I’d go off on things here and there on the old blog, but that is gone now and I like to think I’ve mellowed or at least matured in the last few years.
But some things have been bothering me lately.
I will admit that I don’t read blogs.  Yeah, I do check out the ones of a couple of close friends, but I really don’t have the time or inclination to read many outside of the herb world.
I do read Matt Walsh.  He’s a smart kid who hopefully will keep his crap together as he grows up.  He actually has a thought process as well and seems to value logic.  I appreciate this and he has given me a glimpse of hope for the younger generations (and saying that just makes me feel beyond old).
I think what bothers me is that on facebook so many people get upset by blog posts.  The trend lately has been to attack stay at home mothers, or wives, or people who have kids.  And then you have the other side who wants to defend their choices.

I just wonder.... does any of it really matter?
Does it really matter what these random people out there in the world really think? 
Why would I value the opinion, or give any credibility to, some random stranger on the internet.
Why would I click a link just to get irritated by the ignorance of someone and add to their ad revenue?
At a time when meeting our future spouse online via blind dates is acceptable and communities connect, it seems that we have given actual credibility to these faceless internet voices.
My kids have a name for this actually.  It is called being sheep. 
I know.  It isn’t some pithy saying that I can trademark and make a trend.  It’s been around for quite a while.... probably because there have always been those out there who follow blindly and accept things for what they initially appear to be.
Why be a sheep?  Why not ignore those who are foolish and think they have life’s problems summed up?  Why worry or give a thought (other than possibly pity) to someone who wants to bash your lifestyle?
I will admit that many people I know on facebook and online irritate me and often make me roll my eyes and shake my head.  (that’s what the hide button is for, you know).  I do believe that thinking on opinions of others is a good thing.  I think having a logical process to test things you hear is valuable in life.  That’s how you learn and how you grow.  I don’t just want to know what people who agree with me are saying.  I want to know the opposite stance and really test my view sometimes.
But I do not think that saying inflammatory things for shock value and then giving a heated response is worth much. 
Why do you have to give a response?  Why do you feel the need to comment?
Your value is more than a random comment on a blog post or a 'like' on a post.

Yes, I do believe in speaking about things that you feel are important.  It is worth standing up for things that you feel passionately about.  But is debating the issue on a blog post really the way to change someone's views?
I guess I see more credibility among people who are living their choices in a way that makes me proud to know them.  I want to see the proof that your way is better.  I want to see how your convictions really change the world and make it better.  Telling me in a random way on some blog I never heard of really holds very little weight in my view.
I think that we give too much value to what the media spins to us.  I think we are caught up in celebrity.  I think we are becoming more easily manipulated because of a loss of thought and logic.
I’m not recommending that everyone go out and start of study lf Aristotle, but seeking wisdom in all areas of our lives is a worthwhile pursuit.
I guess my whole point here is that being talked about badly might not be pleasant, and short of the whole ‘marriage tax penalty’ deal, I really don’t feel persecuted or punished for having the life that I have chosen.  It is one thing to not have people support or agree with me, but a totally different thing to be beaten or fined or thrown in jail for my choices. 
So I’d just encourage you to not get too upset about the faceless and essentially useless opinions of others.  If someone says something contrary to your belief there’s an easy fix.  Test what they are saying with things you know to be true.  Or just ignore them all together.
I wouldn’t worry about responding to those who are inflammatory in what they say, as responding almost always makes you appear as foolish as they are.

Then go out, get off the computer, and live the life that you have chosen.

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