January 4, 2014

About Relationships and Trees

I've been reading Guido Mase's book, The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter and Tonic Plants, over the last few months.  I've truly had a few mind blowing moments where things really came together.  To help make sure I was really grasping it, I also listened to some online lectures (they are free, by the way) that he has given.
My kids were in and out while I was listening and their take on it had more to do with 'licking a pine tree' in their suburban, mom's heading towards being a whacked out hippie point of view.
They were really disturbed when I told them that 'forest bathing' is the equivalent to them going and playing in the woods on the trampoline daily.

But none of that is really my point.

You see, my kids also told me that they missed me.  This is coming from 2 teens who apparently miss me and want to spend time with me.  I didn't think that was supposed to be normal, but I don't take  it lightly.

I tend to be a higher energy person.  No, I don't bounce off the walls and am not hyper.  I'm actually quite introverted, but I need a certain level of stimulation or I tend towards nuts.
Getting thru pregnancy and that first year or so of a baby really wiped me out, but I feel like I am back now and somehow I turned facebook and Trim, Healthy Mama boards into a full-time job.  It gave me something to do as there's only so many times you can vacuum and dust in a week.
I think I was looking at stay at home as being a list of chores, like how I'd plan out my work day, when it is kind of just about being present and the interaction?

And then my friends are all online and I spent all day with them.  I did try cutting back groups, but would just spend more time in the ones I hadn't left.
My kids told me that all I did was sit on the computer all day, and they didn't understand why I'd choose people online who I didn't know or who frustrated me over ones I was supposed to care for and love.

So I needed a clean break.
I deactivated and just left.

So far it feels pretty good.  I'm not sure anyone has realized I'm even gone.  Imagine the shock that I'm not the center of everyone's world.

But I am the center of the world for some people and they are the ones who see and watch me daily and they did notice things weren't right.  I'm working on fixing that, and if it ever warms up, I'll be out licking trees and forest bathing with my kids instead of sending them out so I can sit on the computer.


Jessica said...

I noticed....my morning coffee wasn't the same. Love you and I owe you a text! XXOO

Whiterock said...


Anonymous said...

We've noticed. Day you left. ♥ Yoop

Elise said...

I just found your blog. I appreciate all I'm seeing but especially this post.


Anonymous said...

do you get email replies to your automatic blog emails?
cause I replied when I got this in my email messages but I didn't know if it worked...
<3 rhonda

Beth said...

I'm sorry, I didn't notice as I've been trying to spend less time online myself.
In fact we turn off the internet some time this week. We have some goals we need to accomplish and quality time is one of them.
I just came to copy some of my favorite recipes from you.
Enjoy your time with your family!

Beth said...

Not sure if my comment worked or not. But enjoy your time with your family! It's what's important.

Anonymous said...

Have fun!