November 1, 2013

Quick and Easy-Pepperoni Spaghetti Squash

Now that everyone is an expert at cooking squash in a pressure cooker (yeah, right) you need to do something with it.
This has become one of my family's most favorite dishes lately.  Even the 11 yr old boy who hates spaghetti squash went back for seconds and the baby will eat it too.  It's not often I find something that is actually loved by everyone here and not just tolerated.
I think it is the whole pizza flavor deal going on that does it.  We all love pizza here and if you took all the yummy stuff on a pizza and then slid it onto some spaghetti squash you'd get this dish.

First you need to cook your spaghetti squash.  I like to cook mine quickly in the pressure cooker, but feel free to bake if that is the way you choose to go.

After cooking your spaghetti squash, turn it into spaghetti.  This means to take a large spoon and remove the squash flesh from the rind.  It will look like stringy noodles.  Be aware that other squash do not do this so don't substitute another variety over spaghetti squash.
 After placing the noodles in a casserole dish, season with salt and pepper, and add some canned or homemade red sauce (spaghetti sauce). I used about half of a jar of sauce for a 2 pound spaghetti squash (before cooking).  Then take some pepperoni and chop it coarsely.  Add that to the dish and mix to integrate the sauce and meats.  You could also add other pizza toppings, but I am wanting to keep this simple and cheap, plus your 'noodles' are veggies so you don't have to try and sneak more in to bump up nutrition!
Top with some mozzarella cheese and bake at 350 for about 20 minute, just till the cheese is melted and bubbly.
Serve with a lovely side salad, if you wish, and add some fresh parmesan cheese as well if you like.


Stacy said...

I would totally eat that. Like right now for breakfast even.
Thanks for linking at Centsibly Sugar and Grain Free!
~Stacy @ Stacy Makes Cents

Gwen said...

I LOVE simple and quick recipes like this. Thanks for linking up at Trim Healthy Tuesday!