October 14, 2013

Under Construction

I've not had time for posting much lately but I don't want to slack off too much.
The truth is, I've really been focusing on family and life.  Homeschool takes up time and I need to be hands on with my toddler, not online.
And then we have decided to renovate the kitchen.  This would be a total re-do.  I ripped the tile off the backsplash on Saturday, and we spent yesterday repairing the mess of drywall.
I'll probably post all the gory details at some point and the process I went about and planning.
Honestly, it stinks not having a working kitchen, but the whole deal hasn't been too bad 4 days in?

And I look at the before photos and wonder now if it was worth all the work?  
 But then I look closely at the doors that are falling apart.  You just can't see that from a distance.
Or at how the corners aren't accessible so we had to add an island for storage and counterspace.  But that cut down on having more than one person in the kitchen at a time.  The baby could block entry it was such a tight entrance.

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