September 7, 2013

First-First Aid

For those of you who might not know me in real life, I have spent the last 25 years of my life as a nurse with the last 22 as an RN (before retiring with this baby) in ICU.
I am not a first responder and am thankful for those people who have been called in that way.
I will say that being a nurse skews how you see injury.  Yeah, you might look up when the baby falls for the first time and it makes a 'thump', but after quickly assessing that there is no spurting blood or brain material to note of, and that he quickly calms down and is happy, you move on.
In fact by the time my older kids were 4, they knew my spurting blood and bits of brain were necessary for my involvement and they just got over a lot of those scrapes and falls on their own.
They also knew that they had immediate access to BooBoo Salve and that it was what I'd probably smear on them anyhow (if they were lucky.  Worse complaints might get you a tincture or even Plague  Formula).

I will say that after years and years, I still use BooBoo salve more than anything for most things..... bruises, scratches, cuts, insect bites and mild burns.  It is my main go-to for pretty much everything and it is incredibly effective.  It is one of the most effective healers I've ever seen.

But.  The other day I was cooking, salmon patties actually, and didn't use my great, seasoned cast iron skillet like always, but had a pan I'd just washed sitting out.  Now those of you who know about hot oil and a just washed, still kind of wet pan, just skip to the next paragraph as you can see what is coming.  The water in the pan kept popping and exploding and I kept getting hit by hot cooking oil.  I can deal with some, but then there was a huge splash of oil right to my neck.  I'm usually pretty stoic, but this made me scream.

My daughter came running and the first thing she grabbed wasn't the BooBoo Salve (I think she was grossed out that I had been using the jar closest to us on the dog) and she grabbed the Redmond FirstAid Clay.
I was thinking this is so not going to do anything that the salve wouldn't do better.  The salve doesn't have much of a pain reliever, but it will cool because it is an oil and heal, but the moment I smeared some on I had instant relief.  This clay took away the pain right away.

You see, this is a ready to use hydrated clay in a tube.
I let the clay dry on my neck as this was a superficial burn, no matter how badly it hurt.  A deeper or larger burn would require covering and keeping it moist for best results.
But when dried and washed away a bit later, my neck was clear and had no evidence of a burn.

I will say that what impressed me the most was that the pain and sting from the burn was gone the instant the clay was applied.  Now even BooBoo salve doesn't do that.  And if nothing else, I appreciate something that will take away the pain so I can get on with life.

And then there are the mosquitoes.  This year has been so wet and I have an allergy to the bites and swell up badly and they stay swollen for days.
Today I attempted to go outside and was swarmed.  I looked down to see 7 or 8 actively biting me so went inside.  I smeared on the BooBoo Salve and they still itched.  So I figured I'd give the Redmond FirstAid Clay a try.  Again, I wasn't expecting much, but clay is a drawing material so in theory, I figured it should?
Initially I tried a thin layer but it didn't do anything, but after smearing on a thick layer of the paste, the sting of the bites was gone.  I left it on until it dried, and then some.  I haven't actually needed to repeat and the initial swelling that lasts for days isn't there anymore it would seem.  I also put some on baby Chase and he had the same results as well.

Clay, like in the Redmond Bath Salts+, is a historically known healer with many therapeutic values.
This handy tube is going in my purse (and I'm not big on carrying a whole lot with me in my bag) as this is my new go-to for first aid.
The tube says it is good for burns, cuts, abrasions, bites, bruises, rashes, blisters and more.
The key is to apply a generously thick layer and cover with cheese cloth or plastic wrap to keep it from drying out if desired.

This tube has just moved its way up to the top of the pack for my main First Aid choices.

I have been asked about just using Bentonite Clay in place of this product as it is less expensive.
Those of you who know me, realize that I am pretty frugal, and while I do keep bentonite clay in the house, I believe that the minerals specific to the Redmond Clay give it an edge over a generic product.  Think of the mineral and mud baths or hot springs around the world  specific to different areas.  They all offer their own unique, God-given assortment of minerals and health benefits derived from each specifically as well.

Redmond has some info on their website to answer questions about the mineral content here.
That is just my opinion though and you are free to do your own comparisons. 

I will also add that Redmond did supply with with my first tube of this product but the opinion is my own and I've not been paid to say any of this.  I just like to tell people when I find a good thing. ~kimi

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