August 29, 2013

Good Gravy! -S

I mean, how you could you resist this face?
Granted, this was about 8 years ago, but this is
still the little face I see.
A few days ago I went on about how Trim, Healthy Mama is a plan for life where you real foods.  You don't have to ever use anything strange or weird or unusual as it really isn't necessary.
Then my little boy, who is actually not really so little anymore, wanted me to make him Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes (cauliflower mash for me) and gravy.
I can't disappoint my Jett, so I make THM-approved meatballs and make the potatoes and the cauliflower mash.  I would normally have the whole family have the cauliflower, but as a special meal request, I got him the real thing.

But the gravy.  It's not like I can make a real roux and stay on plan.  And who really wants a gravy made from almond or flax meal, it just doesn't seem to translate well to me.
So I considered Glucomannan.  It's one of those new, wacky ingredients that was introduced to me via THM.  It is a powder that is a soluble bulk-forming fiber derived from Konjac Root, and when added to liquids it will cause them to thicken.  This gluten-free product is low in carbs and calories and is very THM approved.  It works well for savory but also is used in quite a few sweets/pudding recipes found in the THM book.

So I had my gravy, and was able to stay on plan and enjoy a great meal with my family.

Good Gravy-S

  • 2 cups beef stock (as always homemade is best, but feel free to be a slacker, I am quite often, just not with stock)
  • 1/4 cup half and half
  • 1-1/2 tsp Glucomannan
  • Liberal salt and pepper

Heat the stock in a pan stovetop and add the half and half.  Add the Glucomannan and whisk well to combine.  Taste and season as needed (it's gravy and it will need a decent amount, especially if you are using a lower salt, homemade stock).
I used it right away in my meal and it was a little runny, but it thickens as it cools so if you wait a bit it will be a more appropriate texture.

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Rashel said...

This looks delicious. My family loves this meal but also biscuits and gravy so I am going to try it with that as well. Thank you for sharing.

Stacy said...

I made some gravy recently with gluc and was so tickled with how it turned out! :-)
Thanks for linking at Trim Healthy Tuesday - and I can't say no to THAT face.
~Stacy @ Stacy Makes Cents