August 25, 2013

Busyness and Redmond Bath Salt +

Life gets busy sometimes.  Actually, most of the time it seems lately.
There is always something to do, and some things that seem to keep going on the to-do list as I never am able to get them completed.  
Some days you feel like you are barely treading water and then it all falls to pieces.

But I am a big believer in maintenance care.  I find it so much easier to prevent disease and injury rather than treating it after it has already set in, and so often our body's response to stress can wear us down and open us up for illness.
This is why I am such a believer in massage therapy. 
Now before you think I'm talking a nice spa day where they do a facial and your nails (which is nice for what it is), I'm actually talking bodywork.  I'm talking moving out toxins and manipulating muscles for release of tension.  This type of manipulation can often be uncomfortable and border on painful depending upon your perceptions.

It had been too long since I had my last massage actually.  I shoot for once a month, but life and finances put it at the bottom of my to-do list pretty regularly.
So the one I had recently about killed me.  It has been about 6 months since my last one, and between losing 40 pounds, increasing the quantity and quality of exercise, stress of homeschooling 2 older kids and having a toddler along with a husband working 50-60 hours a week of evening shift...... well, I was apparently carrying more tension than I realized. 

So when you have a sudden flood of toxins, acids, and general ickyness into the blood stream, what should you do?

I used to use this analogy at the hospital.  If you hit your finger with a hammer, it will swell as part of the local inflammation process.  If you have major surgery, you whole body has been assaulted and you will often see the whole body swell.
I'm not comparing massage to major surgery, but there are some similarities.  You muscles and tendons and ligaments have been manipulated and you will often see whole body swelling, and I choose to use a systemic approach to recovery.

My goal following a massage is to get rid of the flood of toxins and things contributing to the inflammation.
To do this the best thing to do is drink water.  Not a little water, but more than you normally would have.
Also a soaking, medicinal bath can help with recovery.  I am known to hate taking baths.  The whole process of filling a tub and then just sitting there makes no sense to me.  BUT, if it is medicinal, then I find I can get over it.
But a bath of just water is just that.  You need to add some epsom salts or even better, Redmond Bath Salt +, for the therapeutic value.
I use the Redmond Bath Salt + as they contain the great Redmond salt but also include clay.  Clay is also a great detoxifier and turns your tub of water into a mineral and mud bath.
(It is probably strange, but it just hit me that I'd prefer to take a mud bath than a regular bath which does seem a bit ironic.)  There's no oils or scents, just salt and clay from the earth.
It's also the kind of thing that I will add to my kids' bath, even the baby as he has some days that include more tumbles and bumbs than others.  He can't tell me, but I'm sure his little body is sore sometimes and I don't want to use anything harsh with such a little guy.
So, take care of your body, both with keeping things moving and healthy on the inside, but also in removing all the bad stuff that needs removing.

I also want to say that I enjoy Redmond products and make no money in saying so.  I was provided the Redmond Bath Salt + to try by the company and am grateful for their generosity.

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