August 8, 2013

Almonds + Blendtec = Love

I thought I loved my Ninja.  I really only liked it though.
At first I felt like I was cheating on it when I had the opportunity to get my Blendtec.
"I can destroy 3 Ninja's for the price of one Blendtec."
Or, "How much smoother can my smoothie REALLY be in a Vitamix or Blendtec?  Not enough to make that much of a difference in price, right?"

I was wrong.  The Blendtec really, really is that much better.
Smoothies aside, take something as simple as a nut butter.  I'm avoiding peanut butter because I have the most laid-back pediatrician in the world.  He doesn't give a rip if I vaccinate, but he does say no to peanuts.

My answer was to make almond butter.
But it takes 7 long, noisy minutes in a food processor.
It takes 35 seconds in the Blendtec Twister jar.
Yes.  I said 35 seconds.

And it is perfect and lovely and means love at our house.

I use 1 and a half cups of roasted almonds without salt.
Yes, I could buy raw ones and roast them myself, but that didn't happen this week (or the one before, or the one before that either).
I put it in the Twister Jar, select level 4 and let it go for 35 seconds, twisting the special lid as needed.

Quick, easy and perfect every time.

I don't get anything or a kickback for this, but I got mine as a package deal from QVC.  It comes with the large Wildside Jar (holds up to 90 oz) and the Twister jar as well that I used for the almond butter.  Cookbooks and a special spatula and easy pay make this a great deal.

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