July 6, 2013

Read to Me

Read to me, Mommy!
You hear this so often.
"Read to me."

And I've seen with my older kids how important it is to start early, before they can talk or really understand.
Because even if they can't speak or let you know that they get  what you are saying, their little minds are forming pathways and developing.  Studies show that the minds of toddler are so much more active than adults.  This doesn't mean that your toddler is thinking more or is smarter than you (or at least I hope not), but it does mean that their minds are open to stimulation and all the world around them.
Reading helps them to learn to better process language, and studies have shown that it makes people better listeners (though my older kids might just prove that one wrong).

So don't wait till your child is old enough to understand.  Start from birth reading to them.  Supply them with books to explore on their own.  Use this to also train them to respect and care for their stories as well.
I will say that as much as I've warped all my kids, the two older ones (15 and 11) are voracious readers who constantly challenge themselves with what they read, and I feel that at least this is one thing I have gotten right.

Chase's books are kept at his level, along with a few toys, so he as access to them.  The higher the shelves, the more advanced the books become, keeping the books at eye level for the reader.

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