July 16, 2013

Not Quite Potato Chips- S

Since starting Trim, Healthy Mama, I've realized that I'm not addicted to sweet.  I don't miss desserts, I never really ate them and THM has so many, but I do miss chips.  As in kettlechips.  I miss light and crunchy and there are a few things that fill that void, but not so many.

Today I saw a recipe for baked squash chips with a seasoning salt that I thought sounded tasty.  I actually am not growing any yellow squash this year, so I excitedly went to the grocery store and gathered all of my ingredients and then sat down to read the recipe.  I was thinking that squash chips baked and healthy sounding intriguing.
Then I saw 2 hours to bake?!?!
I do not have 2 hours to dry chips in the oven, let alone that it would increase the temperature in my already warm house.  I wanted them now!  And yes, I should've read through the whole recipe first, but I didn't and that's just the way it goes.

I had grown up eating yellow squash that had been dredged in cornmeal and then fried to a crisp.  But that isn't the taste I'm craving.  I'm thinking of thinly sliced potatoes fried at home.  That's what I'm missing.

So why not just fry the squash chips instead of baking them?
I'm eating the Trim, Healthy Mama way now.  Low-fat might be the trend elsewhere, but as long as I don't bread the squash, frying it should be fine!

I started by getting out my handy V-slicer.  If you don't have a V-slicer then I'd encourage you to make the investment.  They are not very pricey and you can slice perfectly and thin every time.  Mine has a thick and thin slicer and a julienne slicer in both thick and thin.
Wash your squash and then cut off the tip of the blossom end, which is the wider end.
Gently slice (you should use the hand guard) your squash.
I did some thick and thin slices of the squash.  The thicker  pieces were 1/4 inch thick and the thin pieces were 1/16 inch thick.

I then got my fry pan of oil quite hot.
I added a few of the pieces of squash and watched them carefully as they were so thin, they were cooking quickly.  I flipped them over some and when they were browned to my liking, I let them drain on some paper towel and sprinkled them with Real Salt.
I had tried a bit of another seasoning that was meant to taste like a popular chip brand, but quite frankly, it didn't have the taste I remember and Real Salt is perfect.

I'll admit that I liked the thinner ones better.  They were light and crispy and hit the spot.
Yes, maybe next time I'll get my act together, be prepared, and bake them, but sometimes you just need the real, fried deal.
So these are my new tasty alternative to fried potatoes.  They are definitely a treat, but will fill a spot where there had been a big void.

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Stacy Makes Cents said...

Oh my gosh! These look AWESOME!!!! Thanks for linking at Trim Healthy Tuesday!

Gwen said...

I may have to recant my dislike for squash now. *licking chops*

Thanks for linking up!!!

Anonymous said...

Mine didn't get crispy :( I tried leaving them in longer and they just burned :(

See the Blue Sky said...

Soggy and burned are sad and I am sorry. Maybe try having your oil hotter next time and that way they will have a shorter cooking to avoid burning, but get that crunch?

Allison said...

What oil did you use to fry these in? I hope that I didn't miss it on the blog.