July 3, 2013

Getting Older and Not Falling Apart

I went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and had a discussion on dentures versus dental implants.  You see, I ate sugar as a kid.  Junk food was my best friend and my teeth suffered and I have had more cavities than I care to try and count.
Now the teeth are compromised and I also have gum issues, so the potential for loss of teeth is there.
The next week I found out that my formerly perfect vision has reached middle age, and not just middle age, but has declined in general.  So I am currently sitting here wearing my bifocals.
I personally feel that you should at least have 10 years from having a baby before the issues of the elderly and middle age catch up with you, but it would seem that no one asked what I thought.

So I made a plan for saving the teeth and gums for as long as I can as the vision doesn't appear to be coming back.  This includes some of the norms, like brushing and flossing, but also an herbal rinse and oil pulling.

Toothpaste.  It's toothpaste, right? But there are natural alternatives. I keep hearing it isn't the paste, but the brushing that makes the difference.  I do not believe this.  There is a reason, for me at least, to use a toothpaste, and remember, I'm trying to keep my teeth. I once tried to make my own, and due to the tendency to accumulate tartar quickly, within 3 days my teeth looked like they hadn't been brushed in a month (and remember, I'm an ICU nurse and have seen what a real dirty mouth can look like so my exaggeration is not far from true, unfortunately).

But the generous people over at Redmond sent me some of their Earth Paste to try.
Let me say I was scared.  I was scared that it wouldn't work and I'd end up with a mouth of tartar and that my gums would be in worse shape.
But...It actually has been a good experience.  The Lemon Twist and Wintergreen flavors are really good, and they seemed to actually whiten my teeth more than my whitening toothpaste.
You see, I like natural products.  I like knowing that the ingredients I'm putting in my body are not petroleum by-products, like the sodium lauryl sulfate in traditional soaps and toothpastes.  I want to stay away from fluoride as well.  I know that this is not what the ADA says, but this is my take and supported by actual research.
The fact is, I've tried and gotten rid of, many natural tooth pastes.  Redmond Earth Paste is the only I've ever used that I liked as much as a traditional paste.
I will also add that I do only use it at about half of my brushings as exclusive use was giving me some tartar build-up.
My husband and kids are also using the Earth Paste exclusively, and as they do not have my issues, their teeth look clean and white.
The Earth Paste is brown, it does not lather or make suds.  You only get suds with a detergent and detergents come from petroleum remember.  Earth Paste almost feels like you are using a clay to brush your teeth, and you kind of are?  But when you rinse it out, your teeth look quite good.
I think for kids, especially, this fluoride-free paste is a great product.  I'm not going to go off on the whole pro- or anti- fluoride debate, but I will say that until my kids could brush with control, they did not get fluoride and we also choose to skip the dental-recommended treatments every 6 months in the office.

Oil pulling is actually somewhat odd to me.  I tend to do this once a week in the evening after brushing.  I probably should do it more, but am waiting for a follow-up visit with my dentist to see how things have progressed.
Oil pulling involves swishing oil around your mouth for several minutes, up to 10-15 minutes even, with the oil cleansing your mouth better than what other things would do.

I'm using White Oak bark tincture currently to help tighten the tissues of my gums, as that is my issue.  There is no infection or I might consider adding in black walnut as well.  I use the white oak bark tincture, diluted in water a couple of nights a week (whenever I remember).  I add  few drops of the tincture  to some water and then swish it about the mouth  and then spit it out after a few minutes.
I do this last in my day so that the White Oak will have more contact time.

I also feel that nutrition is important to dental health as well.  I worked very hard during pregnancy with my diet and supplements so that I wouldn't have any tooth issues, but got lazy once the baby arrived.
Now I'm back on my regimen of healthy food, per Trim, Healthy Mama (link in sidebar >>>), no sugar and no sodas (sorry, but I'm a recovering diet pepsi addict), but also daily using NOW's Liquid Cal-Mag.  I had good results using it during pregnancy and feel that calcium, magnesium and the other minerals it contains are good for a chick my age.
I'm not a grinner and it's cheesy, ,
 but at least I still have my teeth for now along
with the bifocals!

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tascha.p said...

found you via THM... getting ready to read the book a second time, wrapping my head around it all... but have lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks following this lifestyle as best I can....
btw-your smile is beautiful! :)