July 25, 2013

Baby Books

I've posted before that we are a family that loves to read.
My husband is one who generally has at least one book tucked somewhere nearby just in case he has a few minutes to spare, and both of my older kids are avid readers as well.
It's only natural that baby Chase would also love to read.
We have many of the board books that our first child received 15 years ago and many more from 11 years ago when Jett was a baby.

You want to teach a toddler to take care of his books, but training is an ongoing thing and you still want them to be able to have access to books and learn to love them on their own.

So while I have read the Foot Book and Lost and Found Squirrel more times than I care to think about, I really like to see and hear Chase sitting on his own and pretending to read and enjoy the books too.

The problem is that Chase is a toddler.  A little boy in the making, even.  He treats his books pretty well, but he is still rough on books that have been well used by a couple of kids already.
Chase isn't drawn to stuffed animals, but he does have his favorite books that he loves to carry around with him, and they are showing signs of wear and tear.

I can't stand the thought of throwing them out, and also balk at buying a replacement.  So my choice becomes to repair or maintain them.

I've used clear tape in the past, but it isn't quite strong enough for the impact of a toddler.
What is stronger, is clear contact paper.  It's also cheap and pretty accessible and easy to adhere.
If I were someone who was all neat, precise and tidy, I'd have out an exact-o knife and a ruler, but I'm me, so I get the scissors and cut, peel and stick quickly
It's quick and easy, and gets a little more life from the books.

I'll also add that after 3 or 4 days, I realized my paperback copy of Trim, Healthy Mama was going to be getting a lot of use, and as a precaution, I wrapped it up as well.

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