June 18, 2013

Basalmic-Avocado Pasta Salad- S

It's a Trim, Healthy Tuesday, and you can't have pasta if you want to lose weight, right?  Everyone knows that.
Unless.... you think outside the normal pasta box.
Now I don't want some wacky kelp or slimy yam noodles with no carbs, I want normal, gluten-filled pasta that will help me to lose weight.
I have always only bought one brand of pasta and have a ton of it in my basement pantry.  My husband and kids love it, I love it, but it won't help me to stay on plan with my eating.
And just when I thought that the entire genre of food would be gone from my life, I discovered Dreamfield's Pasta.  It is regular, plain old spaghetti.  Obviously in different shapes.  It does have carbs, but if cooked specifically as directed upon the package, the carbs remain bound and (without causing any GI distress) do not cause issues with blood sugar, and will not interfere with the THM plan or weightloss.
I do weigh out specific serving amounts for myself, but continue to use our old faithful brand for the rest of the family.  The exception would be for pasta salad or lasagna, and I use all Dreamfields so we can all (and I mean me) enjoy it.
I will add that while I have linked to amazon, there prices are way too high.  Even in podunk towns, if you have a Walmart, then you probably have access to this brand of pasta for about $1.70 a box/pound and I've seen coupons for it in the sunday paper as well.

But to move on... it's supposed to be summer now.  It's raining and muggy here today, but indoors we are living like it's beachy with our favorite, summer pasta salad.
This is how I like to make it, but feel free to add your own twists and feel free to comment on what you'd add.
And check out Gwen's Nest and see Stacy Makes Cents for more recipes and ideas!

Basalmic Pasta Salad - S

1/2 pound of rotini Dreamfield's Pasta (or any brand if not on THM)

Cook the pasta per instructions in salted water.  Carefully follow the ones on the Dreamfield's Box.

While cooking, dice the following:
3 tomatoes, roma is best, but not necessary
1 avocado
1 red onion
1-2 cloves of minced garlic

Put the diced veggies into a large bowl and mix together.

Add 1-2 Tbs of sesame seeds.

Cover with cooked rotini.
Add 1/4 cup basalmic vinegar and 1/4 cup olive oil.
Mix till well blended.


Gwen said...

This looks amazing! I LOVE pasta salad for summer lunches and potlucks.

Thanks for linking up!

Stacy Makes Cents said...

This looks so easy!!! Thanks for linking up at Trim Healthy Tuesday!
Have you ever tried the "slimy yam noodles with no carbs?" They are quite tasty if you prepare them right. :-)

See the Blue Sky said...

I'm sure the konjac noodles are tasty, but like you and anchovies, they are where I draw the line.

Debbie said...

Oh yes, I WILL be making this. Looks fantastic!