June 5, 2013

Keep It Simple....

It's Whole Foods Wednesday at Whole Lifestyle Nutrition!

I admit that sometimes a really simple idea comes along and just makes me feel stupid for not thinking of it myself.
I have a book on freezer cooking.  It's a great book with some pretty good recipes, but I will admit that it is a total pain to take a whole day and cook.  And then once I get things frozen, they then require thawing and heating.  It honestly didn't seem to save me a chunk of time.  The idea was good, but just not really practical for my lifestyle?

So when i was at the library and saw the book, Not Your Mother's Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook, I was skeptical, but as a cookbook junkie, I checked it out anyway.
The idea is still make ahead and freeze, but the ideology (if freezer cooking can have an ideology) is that you don't set aside a huge amount of time.  You take an hour here and there, and make what you were already making.... BUT instead of making the normal amount, make 3 or 4 times that amount and put those extra servings in the freezer.
Or have a theme.... Find a bunch of ground beef at an amazing price?  Then take that ingredient and find some recipes and only put up things with ground beef.
I find many of the recipes very accessible, not stuffy or weird, and family friendly. Jessica Fisher writes as a real mother who is eating family food.

The recipes seem like many of them should be easy to merge with the Trim, Healthy Mama way of eating with a focus on meat and vegetables.  I'm pretty much avoiding the dessert recipes, but when I get to my final goal weight, I might loosen this stance.  I'm just not one to take the time and money to go out and find all the different flours that most would require for converting to on plan.

I think the take home point for me is that the book is that you can stock your freezer and not have to do a marathon day of cooking, and this appeals to me.
I do shop the sales and find that I will just put raw ingredients in the freezer, but I'm thinking that there is a need to be more thoughtful and to have a stash of recipes in hand and ready for when I find a good deal.  It seems a bit of planning will go a long way here....
Then I only have to remember to thaw it out and won't have to worry about cooking meals everyday.

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