June 21, 2013

Keep It Simple... Tacquitos.

I tend to eat fairly healthy, but I have a weakness.

Gas station food.

I love those greasy, processed tacquitos sold by the local chains and never thought I'd find a substitute.  After all, it's junk food.  Why would there be a healthy alternative?

And then I thought on it for a while.
It's a wrap, cheese (or cheese product) of some sort, and chicken in my favorites.
I CAN do this.

So when I feel the need to be a little bad, I'm really not.  This is a FP as written on the THM plan.

Chicken Tacquito

Low-carb, plan approved burrito/soft taco shell
1 wedge of jalapeno cheese, I like Crystal Farms  brand
cooked chicken breast, finely diced

Spread the cheese wedge over half the burrito shell and sprinkle with chicken.  Roll up cigar style.
I cook mine in the toaster oven on the convection setting at 400 degrees for about 5 minutes.  You could brush it with some oil first, but I find it isn't necessary and depending on the amount would make is S.

I like mine for a quick treat, or as a side to a bowl of spicy-FP soup.

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