June 3, 2013

Fairytale Tea

It's getting warmer here, but that's no excuse for not drinking tea.  You might think, of course, she is in the south and the drink of choice is sweet tea.
But you would be wrong.
Yes, the whole Southern = Sweet Tea is a thing here, but I will admit that I haven't had any sweet tea in probably 10 years or so, and I'm pretty sure it was just a bad accident when I last did.
You see, tea from the supermarket is usually low-quality, black tea dust.  I am at the point to where I want to taste real teas, different teas, and also utilize the healing power of herbs.  I just don't know that the product on the shelf at the local megamart is going to fit the bill.

In the past I've mixed my own blends and enjoyed experimenting with herbs and different bulk teas.  And while I am getting back to growing and harvesting my own herbs, I found that after baby I have to admit that I was a bit more scattered than normal and didn't feel like I could take the time to get all the herbs I wanted together and create my own tea.  I decided that I would just order some.
But there are so many options.  How do you know who to buy from?  Who mixes and puts the same care that I would into their products?  Who sells organic herbs that I can trust?

I found my personal answers in the form of Mountain Rose Herbs.  Their herbs are quality and their blends are beautiful.
Right now, our favorite is Fairytale Tea.  I mean, who wouldn't love it just for the name alone?  We enjoy it in the evening time as a way to unwind.  This tea is delicious hot or cold and the blend of herbs will help you have sweet dreams.


Gwen said...

ohmygoodness that sounds amazing!!!

Gwen said...

OHmuhgoodness...that sounds AMAZING!