May 23, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama

This is the book that has changed my life.
No, like, seriously.  It has.

This is me in November with my wonderful family:

And for perspective, this is even a rear view:

You might think, hey, she's not horrible, or you just had a baby.  Those were things that what I was thinking.  I was exercising, but, man was I hungry.  And I like to eat.  And I wasn't that thin before I got pregnant anyhow, you know?  Plus I'm older now.
I kept making more and more excuses as to why I couldn't lose the weight.  I kept getting heavier and heavier until my 5'8" frame peaked at 186 pounds.
Then I heard on facebook about this diet book called  Trim, Healthy Mama by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett.  It didn't seem like the normal, here's a menu, exercise like crazy and starve deal.  And it isn't.  It is a unique way of looking at diet that has worked quite well for me.
I have tried a lot of things.  I have failed or given up on many things, but the THM plan is a life plan.
The book is long (over 600 pages), and there is a learning curve to figuring it out, but once you do, it is a life plan.  There are very few topics that this book doesn't address in some way.  The banter between the authoring sisters is a little wacky, but overall, some great, practical wisdom is here.
I have seen changes in my body and health that I didn't think would ever be possible at this point in my life, and I think most of this is related to what I have learned from this book.
The lesson I guess I've learned is that there is always a solution.  No one plan might work for everyone, but you can't just give up. It's been 8 years that I've been working at healing and eventual weightloss.  It took time, but I've learned a lot about what didn't work for me and why.
Now I can focus on what is working and just go on and enjoy life.
Like I said, this book is massive.  It is available both as a hard copy (that rivals the phone books of old) and a digitial copy (kindle, nook, or pdf).  I will admit that I have a hard copy and the pdf both as I don't want to be without and have loaned my book out since getting it.
So, how have I dropped over 30 pounds without even trying?  How do I plan on losing those last 10 stubborn pounds?  I'll be telling in the coming days...
My 44th birthday in February. 20 lbs lost.
30 lbs lost in April (sorry, not the best shot)

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Jessica said...

You look great!!! :) And thank you for introducing me to THM.