May 24, 2013

THM...More Guidelines Than Actual Rules...

Yesterday I shared about what I have learned and the changes I've seen with Trim, Healthy Mama.
The thing I loved most about this book is that there is no calorie counting.  You don't need to watch points, or carbs grams or anything.  No food is really off limit, but you have to realize that some foods are not condusive to you losing weight.
The book teaches you about combining your foods.  It isn't too complicated, but can take a few days to really get the hang of doing.  You eat protein with most meals and then round them out with either fats or starchier carbs within a certain range.  Your low-glycemic carbs, like cabbage and broccoli, are pretty much unlimited and when bathed in butter are considered a good fat source.  You probably need to say good-bye to white potatoes and most breads though if you want to lose weight though.
The book explains how making these changes will cause your body to lose weight.  The book also encourages you to not stress over food, and to not make it an idol within your life.
This hits home with me.  
For years, I counted carbs.  I knew how much fat, protein and fiber was in every bite I ate.  I recorded it all daily and analyzed and stressed over it all to find the perfect balance.  Yes, I was thin and fit, but I worked so hard at it and it was a priority in my day.
I'm not working at it now.  I'm focusing on what is really important in my life.  Food is a secondary, though necessary.  It's function is to serve only to fuel what I need to do.
I know that many people don't have my obsessive history and need boundaries to learn the plan and that is fine.  
Gwen has spent more time than I ever will writing down a review of the book.  I suggest you read her blog and her Start-up Guide for all the details you could want.  (I actually suggest reading the actual book, but you get what I'm saying, I hope.)
It has just been very freeing to me to look to guidelines and not to have a ton of rules to follow to get it perfect.  Because I guess I've figured out that real life is seldom perfect?

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