May 27, 2013

Babies and Stairs

It seems that whatever you want your baby to avoid, they will be automatically drawn towards.  In our case, it would be the stairs.
I had a hard time finding a baby gate that was wide enough and then discovered that my little dude was pretty smart and quickly figured out how to move it and get thru.
Then I found a design to make your own for baby or for your pet.  I tweaked the design and made my own functional gate.  It's light enough for us to easily move, and doesn't look like an eyesore.  It also won't require making repairs to the wood when we no longer need it.
I used 1 inch PVC pipe to make a frame with a cross bar.  A hacksaw was used to cut the pieces to size, and was simple enough for me to do myself even.
I made it simple and cut out 7 pieces that were all 24 inches long, and then bought the 1" joints with 4 elbow joints for the corners and 2 "T"s for the middle brace.  It took me less than 10 minutes to measure, cut and assemble the frame.  I could have made it longer or taller, but figured it was easiest to just make all the sides the same and it fit what it needed to fit.
I picked out a heavier, upholstry-type fabric that I liked, and then made a slip cover based on the size with adjustments made for joints and seam allowances.  I will admit that I haven't sewed the bottom seam, but have it pinned so that I can clean or replace it as needed (I would never say I'm just too lazy to stitch it by hand, but you may feel free to call it as you see it.)
Baby was initially confused and confounded by the blockade, but figured it out as it is light and easy to move.  We now use the throw pillows from the couch to brace it.  He cannot move it at this point.  So I'm calling it a success!

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