July 24, 2012

Variation on Children's Composition tincture

A few weeks ago it hit me that it was summer.  My ignored herbs and garden were actually quite forgiving and were still producing despite my negligence. 
Then it struck me.... I have a small child in the house again.  Winter and cold/flu season will be here before I know it, and will I be prepared?
I had actually just had my 2 older kids, now 14 and 10, finish off my last batch of Children's Composition.  It is usually my first, go-to formula when colds start to show up.  My older children have very rarely been sick in recent years, and I attribute this to good nutrition mainly, but also the liberal use of this herbal formula when sniffles start or there is a tickle in their throats.
The formula from the ABC Herbal consists of elder flower, peppermint and yarrow in an alcohol or glycerin base.  In the past I've made identical batches in both vodka and food-grade glycerin, and combined the end result for a tincture that my kids will enjoy.
I hate to repeat myself, and after further reading thru Green's Herbal Medicine Maker, I decided to change it up a bit.
I used a dark rum for my alcohol tincture with the same proof as the vodka I used to use.  I think it tastes better personally.  To the alcohol I added dried peppermint, fresh yarrow diced, dried elder flowers and a small amount of dried licorice root.
The glycerin tincture was prepared with fresh elderberries and fresh peppermint, chocolate mint actually, that was pureed in the blender with the glycerin.
After 3 weeks (minimum should be 2 weeks) of sitting in a cool, dark place with daily shakes, my tinctures were completed.
I have to admit that the glycerin smells amazingly of chocolate mint and should make it quite palatable for any children who require a dose.  For my older kids I usually give a dropperful or 2 as they feel they need it, every 2-3 hrs.  For my smaller guy I will probably start with a few drops.

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