August 1, 2011

A Logical Thought Process?

I've been a bit wary of posting more of what I'm doing as I'm not really looking for critique or feedback on my life right now. I hope that doesn't sound as closed minded as I think it might, but I really can't help where I'm at mentally.
We started school today and I'm really not used to a hectic start, but had been slacking for such a long time that things were odd.

That isn't really my point, but more the fact that today started our 8th year of homeschooling.
9 years ago I would NEVER had thought I'd be one of those weird people who don't let their kids go to school. Homeschooling was for weird religious freaks or for those who couldn't cut it in the real world.
Obviously, my perspective changed at some point that year.
Basically, I was poor. The public school was not fulfilling my expectations, and I was too poor to pull my child out of her school and pay $20,000 a year for private school. I also had an infant and knew he would be coming up a few years behind her.
I figured that I could get a full-time job just to cover costs, but that seemed pointless.
I checked with cheaper local private schools, not the prep school that I adored, and found it was the same brainless kids that were in public school.... just using religious textbooks that I could buy myself.
My weird neighbor with weird kids was the only homeschooler that I knew and that didn't help either.
So here I am, a smart, dynamic woman who was well educated. What was really stopping me from teaching those that I loved and wanted to nurture?
It seemed that despite my issues with homeschooling, that it was the only logical choice that I could make....

Now 8 years later, I've never really regretted it, and it has been an amazing experience for us.
But that also isn't my point.
(Sorry, but I can never just give the quick version unless you want just 2 sentences... it's either all or nothing).

My actual point is that despite all the diets, exercise and plans I've pondered and tried the last few years, the only one that really fit was vegetarianism, or veganism, as the current case is.
It was something that I really didn't want to do. I had been there and done that, and didn't want to live with restrictions or repeat myself either.
But everytime I started thinking about goals, it was always at the bottom of my list of choices, but it was on the list.

So last week I finally bit the bullet (the vegan one at least) and just decided to do it.
So far, so good. My family got over thinking I was weird a long time back so this is really nothing to them. I just have to throw some eggs and milk to my kids now and then and they are happy. I could also never be as strange as my mother-in-law so my husband doesn't mind either.

I've also gotten back on track with exercise and have been feeling great. All the hormonal issues have disappeared and I'm losing weight while never hungry and eating what seems like all the time.
The important thing is that it isn't junk. I did alot of junk the last go round and want to live without the supplements, but with God-given foods. I'm loving my adventures with smoothies and learning so much more about those 'carb' foods I've avoided for so many years.

I'm not saying it is right for all, but I fought this for a long time before finally giving in to the fact that it was the logical step.
So my similar look into logic is what started our homeschooling adventure... hopefully the vegan adventure will be equally as good.