July 30, 2011

Reading List

Despite travel and work, I've managed to get a pretty decent amount of reading done this summer. The thing is that as much as I love a good story, I tend to read non-fiction most of the time.
I have gotten a few stories, but have been more impressed with what I consider the vegan propaganda machine. Yeah, I agree with most of what they have to say, but realize that things are not always what they seem, nor are they always black and white.
I'm not writing this to give a report, but more to say, hey, this is what I've been reading that I've found relevant and well thought out, and it has helped me to figure out what I want to do with my current habits.

The thing is... I'm 42. I have no health problems other than being a tad overweight. My cholesterol has always been right around 200.... no big deal, right?
Well, the more I think about it and look at family choices and history (notice I said choices) I see that in the next 20 years I could easily have heart or some form of cardiovascular disease, cancer or stroke. Yeah around 200 is supposed to be fine, but what if what the AMA has told us all this time isn't really accurate or I don't want to medicate away my issues? What if what my MD finds acceptable could end up debilitating me and taking years off my life?
I don't see getting older as an excuse for being unhealthy and the thought that disease is just a part of it just doesn't seem valid.
I work as an RN in an open-heart ICU. I think about how many patients I've taken care of in the past year who are my age or younger.
If there was a cure, or a way to prevent it, wouldn't it be foolish for me not to at least give it a chance?

The China Study by T Colin Campbell is a somewhat polarizing book for some. When I first told others I was reading it, I was surprised by the backlash against it.... and this was just for reading a book. I found it to be well thought out, but slightly dry at times. If you want documentation and studies, this book has it, but while the middle is somewhat repetitive, it is overall an interesting book worth consideration. There are a multitude of alternate opinions all over the internet... just try googling it, but my thoughts tend to be more how are fruits, vegetables and grains in their natural states bad for you?

In cohoots with the china study author is Rip Esselstyn with his Engine 2 Diet. This triathlete is the son of an MD who has studied reversing active heart disease thru a low-fat vegan diet. His book is the condensed version of the china study, hitting the main points and putting the info concisely with recipe support provided along with an exercise plan.

Forks Over Knives is a documentary soon to be available on dvd (I haven't seen it yet) but I have read the companion book. Again... lots of condensed fact and it looks at veganism from several standpoints, not just health. Good recipes as well.

These along with Green Smoothie Girl's books and you have alot of information to chew on....


Beth Wagenius said...

hmm....got me interested.

Steven and Monika said...


This is the other Seethebluesky. The one with the .com on the end. Our website is down right now as we just got booted from MobileMe when it closed down Sunday. iCloud doesn't host yet, so we're prepping for a new host for our site. Anyway, You might really like the movie "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead". We've watched it numerous times. We aren't vegan or vegetarian but I have enjoyed fresh carrot juice for years. You can watch the whole movie for free online here: http://www.jointhereboot.com/ Truly, if you can find a couple of hours to watch it at some point, it IS inspiring. Hope you find some success with your new lifestyle.
Steven and Monika