June 8, 2011

Week 2 Update....

Have to say that I've had a not so good week.
Apparently there has been some respiratory crud going around here, and though I've not been sick for over 2 years, this was the week my body decided to succumb.
I initially thought it might be related to a cleansing reaction from dietary changes, but after 3-4 days of coughing up a lung I figured maybe it was just the crud.
On the upside, most people I know have it for a few weeks before getting better. I only had to deal about 5 days, which seems to be my limit for these things.
So... what other breakthru's have I had this week?
Number 1 is that I've decided that I like coffee and I like flavored creamer so I will NOT be giving these up. I did get rid of all artificial sweetners and all sodas, but I'm sticking with my 1 cup of morning coffee, at least for now.
I also have been drinking a ton of water along with consistent exercise.
Steps 2 and 3 in the GSG's 12 Step program include having salads daily and making your own dressings. We are adding more salads in this week, but I've got a huge stash of salad dressings in the pantry so I've not made my own. I probably need to so that I don't get overwhelmed at the thought when we do run out and then just go buy more.
I'm getting in a good amount of fruits and veggies daily, and still feeling good from them.
I have also learned that you need to make sure you don't grab some of the plastic bag that the spinach comes in and add it to your smoothies... it really doesn't taste that good.
Don't know if it is just my body's reaction, but while my skin still looks alright, less wrinkles, I have noticed some mild breakouts in the same spot I was having issues with before. It didn't get that bad, but has stayed mild.
And the good news! I'm down 4 pounds this week in weight.
Goals for the next week include adding in more salads, making some dressings of my own, and trying some new recipes. I'm also going to start back with the kefir, both water and milk. I just need to be careful and not drink this instead of water.

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