June 1, 2011

Week 1

In the GreenSmoothieGirl's 12 step program she encourages you to keep a journal and document changes, both big and small, that you see as you go.
I am so not one for journalling and if I wrote it down I'd only lose it and it would be one more thing to keep up with.
I figure it is much more efficient and easier to find if I just put it all out there here.
I had been drinking green smoothies for a bit, but a week ago (technically 10 days ago but the holiday and work bumped a few days) I made the conscious decision to start drinking at least a quart a day.
I've usually done 2 cups of a hot pink smoothie in the morning with 2-4 cups of a green smoothie in the evening.
First... I feel great. My energy level is thru the roof and I've been able to work long, frustrating shifts and get exercise time and everything done that I've wanted to. I'm not tired or draggy.
Step one to the program is to eliminate stimulants and alcohol, and I have done so with the exception of half a cup of coffee in the morning. The thing is, it isn't really good anymore. I'd rather just drink my smoothie and skip the coffee, but it is more difficult on work days. I'm giving myself another week to fully kick the habit.
Other things I've noticed... my skin is beautiful. It is tight and alot of the fine lines/wrinkles are gone or less noticable. Overall my pores seem tighter and skin seems tighter and glows.
Areas where I had fat seem softer (that makes no sense) but the fat seemed firm beforehand and now it seems less dense?
My appetite has decreased, and I'm craving healthier foods. I've been offered candy and turned it down as it just seemed yuck and overly processed.
Exercise is easier and I have more energy.
My stomach is flatter.
Another big deal for me is that I've come off of my DIM supplement (story on old blog). I think that this is majorly helping my estrogen balancing issues. My face is cleared up, and my symptoms are gone. I had absolutely NO pms symptoms this last week.

Things I haven't noticed....
I haven't lost but 1/2 a pound. I really expected more weight loss.
My bowel habits haven't changed. I expected some difference, but haven't seen it.

Goals for the next few days....
Get more water, continue morning and night smoothies, focus on more fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

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Michelle said...

So tell me about these smoothness. Are the green ones barley greens? What is in the hot pink one?