June 4, 2011


As much as I love getting my Bob on, I still love to go running in my Five Fingers. I never thought I'd consider myself a runner. After all, I'm a chubby, middle-aged chick.
The thing is that I slacked off this winter as it was so freezing here. So now that it is 90 degrees again, I'm ready to go back out and get into my running groove again.
Potential for problems start with trying to do too much too fast. This is how you get injured. So I've started over with my own version of the couch to 5k/10k plan.
I had it posted on the old blog, but moved it here so I could find it.
I'm just starting and have completed week 1. I also admit to just doing 2 days for week 1 as I have kept up cardio pretty well.
The main thing to remember is that if you need to repeat a week or take it slow, then you can do it. Nothing is ever set in stone... it should be fun.
Right now I'm breaking in a new pair of Five Finger Komodo Sports. Have to admit that I truly loved my sprints, but these are very comfy with more padding around the foot, have a thicker sole, and just feel more shoe-like overall. Not really the feel I was wanting, but they also don't stink as bad and feel great. They might be a good fit for someone not wanting to commit to a real minimalist shoe and who need a bit more.
The link for my running plan is on the right sidebar as a page. Enjoy!

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