June 7, 2011

The Real Thing

While I enjoy the Hot Pink Smoothie for breakfast, I love having greens in the afternoon.

I've been asked my favorite recipes, but there is really very little to it.

A key point with green smoothies is that it is wise to vary your greens and not eat the same ones over and over. This is prudent, though, with all diet choices.

My favorite choices right now are spinach, kale and bananas. I just can't seem to get enough of these. The cool thing is that you can use most anything. If it is edible, you can add it. That means weeds from your yard, the over-abundance of veggies that all come in at one time from the garden, or stuff you have stowed away in the freezer. Smoothies are very forgiving and can tolerate more than any salad can.

My main recipe, once again, comes from the Green Smoothie Girl's book and 12 Step program. She has alot of the science and her story behind her choices as well if you are so led.

My ingredients are simple.... water, about 3/4 pound of greens (I used most of a 10 oz bag of spinach with a couple of kale leaves), a mango (left the peel, but didn't use the core), some bananas and strawberries. I also added half a lemon (peel, pith and all) but forgot to add it to the picture.

I put the greens in my blender (a Ninja 1000w machine from target) with the water. I usually do them in 2 batches as I can't put all of them in at the same time. Spinach has a mild flavor and my kids even enjoy it. I personally like the kale. I wash it first, but then just kinda tear and shove it into the blender. I usually add the lemon with the second batch of greens. After these are liquified, I add the fruit all at one time. Process until liquid.

I don't use the mango core, but probably could, I also am not crazy about the peel on the mango, but am too lazy to peel it. Apple peels are tastier, plus I put them in whole (but cut up), seed and all. You are getting some amazing antioxidants from the seeds and peels of the whole fruit. The only parts I don't use are the peels from the bananas and they go into the compost bin.

So... you don't need an expensive, high-power blender (though you probably have a smoother drink, if you do), a ton of exotic foods, or a ton of time. You can make this in about 10 minutes using whatever is fresh and available.

This usually makes about 6-8 cups for me (I start with 2 cups of filtered water). You are getting many servings of vegetables from this one drink.

They are incredibly filling and I advocate starting slowly if you aren't used to all the veggies. I usually have a cup or so for an afternoon snack, and then have 2-4 cups for or with dinner.

What's just crazy amazing to me is when you look at the sheer amount of what went into this drink and to think you just ate half a pound of greens with a banana and some mango and berries (I split mine with my husband) without having to sit and actually eat it! You are getting all of this nutrition, but it isn't hard, or time consuming, or expensive. It just seems like a good thing to me.

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Michelle said...

Wow! I thought you had to have a really powerful blender to be able to do whole foods in it! I'm off to check out the Ninja. (My blender is an Oster from the late 70's and it smells like it's going to burn up every time I use it)