June 16, 2011

My Favorite Salve...

I think that living simply means not just whole foods, but the integration of herbals into our daily life. I made a salve years ago that is still my favorite so I wanted to share it again.
BooBoo salve is a green salve perfect for cuts, scrapes, bites, and even sunburns and splinters.
It contains comfrey for healing and tissue regeneration. It can be used on broken bones, sprains and rashes as well.
Plantain is used to draw and soothe. It helps to stop pain and decrease inflammation.
I use yarrow to stop bleeding, echinacea as an anti-infective, and mullein to soothe.
I also usually throw in some lavender (fresh) because it's pretty and then add tea tree oil and grape seed extract for additional antibacterial properties and preservation.
I know that there have been studies done regarding the use of lavender and tea tree oil in combination, but I believe that the small amounts used here are safe, and haven't noted any of the potential adverse reactions.
You can look at each of these herbs in detail in most herb books, but the Modern Herbal by Mrs Grieve is available online for free, and is a good resource to make note of.
These are my choices for herbs. As you learn more, you are able to discern what herbs will work best for you. You can add and tailor each formula to your specific needs.
The official formula I use is this:

2 parts comfrey
1 part Echinacea purpura
1 part plantain
1 part mullein

1 part yarrow
Olive oil
Bees’ wax
Tea Tree essential oil
Grapefruit seed extract
Lavender essential oil

Most of these herbs are easy to grow or gather, and then dry. The only thing that I tend to buy is the echinacea as mine isn't quite ready for me to harvest as I prefer using the root herbally.

Some feel that herbs are best in the dried form, but I have to admit that while I do use mostly dried, I do tend to throw some fresh ones in as well. I've never had a salve mold, which is what the issue is with fresh and dry together.
Salve making is pretty simple and straight forward. Put herbs in pot, cover with some form of oil or fat, heat gently to transfer herbal properties to oil, strain, add a hardening agent (wax), cool and enjoy.
For those who want or need more instruction, I'll be posting a tutorial soon, hopefully tomorrow.

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Katie said...

I make a salve very similar to this!