June 14, 2011

Herbal Ally

I've been using herbals intentionally for the past 20 or so years, but it was just recently that I heard the phrase herbal ally.

The idea that herbs are individual beings that we need to get to personally know had crossed my mind, but I had never really decided to take the study very far. It's easy to just read a book or an article, but to dedicate a year or so to study the nature of a plant, and to have it become a part of your life and your friend seemed foreign to me.

The idea did intrigue me though, but I thought it might be something for the more hardcore herbies out there. After all, I don't have time for major immersion... I just want to hit the basics and move on. Plus, I'm not really an herbalist, am I? I just dabble?

But then somthing strange happened.

An herb kept coming into my life. Over a week people kept giving me, or I kept finding Evening Primrose.

Yeah, the pink ones grow wild down the sides of the roads here, but I was offered some and thought it would look nice so I planted it in the back yard.

I did a quick search and found that herbally, it didn't have alot going for it. It still looked nice though, so I wasn't really disappointed.

Then the next day I found more evening primrose, but a different variety, growing wild, in my backyard. I had never seen it before and there were 6 healthy plants all growing in one spot, so I transferred them to my garden bed.

Later the next week, strangely enough, my mother brought me another variety of evening primrose.

This all seemed very odd, but I took it that maybe I this is something I really need to investigate.

The thing is, most people know evening primrose, but as a capsule containing the oil, or as the wildflowers on the roadside. It's not known for it's amazing herbal healing powers, but I wonder....

I'm choosing to take this year to learn more about evening primrose. I want to follow it thru the year and see how it grows and changes. I need to learn more about where it likes to grow and what it needs. I want to be more observant and noticing of what it shows itself to be. I am going to learn how others have used it herbally and investigate how I might be able to integrate it into my life.

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twagenius said...

Evening Primrose! I'd love to hear more about this one. It grows so prolifically around here I intend to harvest it this year. I think I may have seen some of the first blooms yesterday.
Looking forward to you writing about it. :)