June 10, 2011

The Crud

I mentioned in my summary of week 2 of including more greens/dietary changes, that I had the crud. Unfortunately, it is still lingering and getting on my last nerve.
It seems to be going around here, and I thought it might be valid to discuss how I've treated it. I'm not completely over it, but it is rounding its course at this time.
First, I'm not big on going to doctors. I think knowing your body and what is and isn't within your bounds of healing and normalcy is key though. I wasn't running a fever and, while a pain to deal with, I was pretty sure I was dealing with something that was going to be self-resolving.
I think that so often that modern Americans get impatient with the process of the body. They want things fixed immediately, or at least to feel like they told a doctor and are doing what they were told to be fixed.
The truth is, it is really just about treating the symptoms, not actual healing. The body is going to do, what it's going to do. No pill will speed up the process generally.
I think this is why I enjoy herbalist Susun Weed so much. She gives Six Steps to Healing with the first (or step 0) being to do nothing. Personally, I prefer to utilize steps 0-3 for the most part as that fits my philosophy and style. I find that if I live within the bounds of those steps, the others tend to not be required.
Learning, focusing and nourishing are things that I tend to find the most productive when personally dealing with minor illness.
Learning goes to what I mentioned earlier.... know your body and what it can handle and its norms. Focus your energy on relaxing and breath. Continue a healthy, nourishing diet.
When I think back to those comfort items of childhood, like sodas and sweets, I am reminded that I have I know better now. These simple sugars and empty calories are not what I need despite my natural want for them. I need to perservere with whole grains and greens, I need water not soda, despite my body's cravings.
Yes, I have used some herbs, especially at night, to decrease symptoms so I can rest. I've used the last dregs of my wild cherry tincture, elecampane and even turmeric with honey (and I hate turmeric). I will also admit to a dose of nyquil one bad night. I'm not saying drugs are bad by any means and use them as needed. I needed rest and a night without coughing.
To me, it's all about giving your body what it needs to heal itself.... Good knowledge, good attitude and good food.